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  1. Color into smoke from combustion

    Curious about other's workflows getting color into smoke from a volume source or otherwise from combustion. Coloring moke alone is pretty straightforward. I'm wondering how others are getting color into smoke derived from combustion. Thanks!!
  2. Color into smoke from combustion

    Fire and smoke the way nature works. Based on the source material the burn colors change and are advected from the flame to smoke. For now flames can remain kelvin based but the smoke would reflect the material being burned. Tires emitting black smoke. Gas, dark grey, various wood material browns to white.
  3. Color into smoke from combustion

    Thanks! I'd love to find a way to get it all in one sim. Looking inside the solver I can see the color nodes but no hook up to smoke generated from heat. Thanks for the tip on color resize also!
  4. Pyrosolver Timescale

    I'm attempting to drive the timescale parameter with the length (speed) of a vector in my scene. My goal is to speed up or slow down a Pyrosolver based on the speed of a point. I know i can possibly get this by changing forces etc.... but thought driving a simulation time curve would be more useful in this case. I'm getting the values I'd expect but they have no influence on the sim. Values > 1 I can, however, change the Scale Time paramter slider at the object level of the AutoDopNetwork but his is a constant for the entire sim. I need it to vary. I'm aware that a negative slope over time may actually reverse a sim or have strange results. I need this to happen in the sim, changing a chache afterward is not going to help me as things need to occur in the scene specific frames...I just need a faster or slower reaction time. To put this another way I'm trying to emulate simulation speed as available in Maya for fluid simulations. I believe that is simply changing the time curve there of the simulation. Anyone have some experience with this?
  5. Pyrosolver Timescale

    Discovered Combustion has to be enabled in the operator for Time Scale to have an efffect. I had shut that off. Looking at other solutions. Will post.