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  1. Particles align to create image

    hi there, you can simply project a texture of your image at the very last frame of your sim and bake the color to the particles (or rbd's etc.). Then when you playback your sim it will look like the particles or rbds are forming the image (like the benjamin button intro). cheers korbi
  2. Warcraft‘s Medivh effect?Need help

    Looks a lot like particles with additive shading that are driven along curves/ advected by volumes. If you search for beam effect, magic spell, magic effects, additive shading etc. you will find a lot of good starting points. But as always in houdini there's a ton of creative ways to achieve this certain kind of look. You could also try to use curves themselves with different width, animated noise and render them with additive shading. cheers
  3. pre-fractured glass render

    Hmm that's what I suspected, david I was able to reduce it to a minimum by playing around with raytrace bias in the mantra node but you can still see that it's prefractured ...which also makes sense because I guess it's related to the refraction nature of glass. Just thought that there's a mighty houdini workaround without swapping the geos. Is it possible to use dynamic fracture instead but using my existing prefractured structure as kind of a "breaking guide"?
  4. pre-fractured glass render

    Hi there, I'm trying to shatter glass with prefracturing via voronoi. So far so good. I know that the common use to prevent rendering the seams of the prefractured glass is switching from a non fractured to fractured geo within 2 frames. But is there another way to render the prefractured glass as a solid piece? Tried transfering Normals from the unbroken object to the prefractured object but that didn't do the trick.
  5. glue constrains per emitted packed rbd group

  6. glue constrains per emitted packed rbd group

    Hi guys, I'm still kind of new to houdini and currently trying to build a custom rbd emitter but got stuck. I used the same basic workflow as the example files for rbd emitter H13 brings and everything works fine. In addition to this I tried emitting fractured packed rbds which also still works fine. But now I wanted to add glue constrains to the individual fractured packed rbd groups aaaaaand got stuck. I guess the problem is that the glue network gets overwriten every time I emit a new packed group - which also would make sense to me. So I'll have multiple pieces with the same name and as a result the gluenetwork of the first emitted one doesn't work anymore and so on.... What is the best way to solve that problem? I'm pretty sure it's something easy to fix but I can't figure it out. Is there a way to give every emitted packed rbd group a unique name? For-each-node for packed prims? Or is there a easier solution/workaround? If anybody could give me a hint, that would be great Cheers Korbi