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  1. ah mann, that works!!! +1 seems to have done it for the first few frames. i might have to go up again as my velocities start to get higher half way through the sim. thank you sfpar, i really appreciate it.
  2. Hello. has anyone run into this problem before? the flipbook looks perfectly fine. When it comes down to the render though, theres a small jump on the base of my smoke. its subtle from where my cam is, but i want to know whats causing this. ive tried disabling auto resize, disabling all lights, the rest fields, played with volume quality, shadow quality, i think every parameter in the mantra node (micropolygon rendering), raised substeps in Dop, removed all keyframes in the shape tab and in the source noise, disabled collisions with my ground... the only things i can think of it being, is the enforced boundaries of -Y? but how is this debugged/fixed? X_X id really appreciate your help. im beat. the attachments rendered in alpha and cropped. no rest fields here either.thanks in advance. Smoke_pops.rar
  3. Thanks for the Challenge Eetu! Even though i cant afford much more time on this challenge, I definitely learned alot trying to complete it. As for method, im really excited to see what route everyone took, as I dont feel completely satisfied with mine. Im wondering how much if this assignment can be resolved solely in vops. I do have a few questions in mind but i think ill hold on to them till the challenge is over. I dont want to give too much away. Ill be more than glad to share my Hip file on the thread later. But for now, Good Luck and copy on.
  4. Hello Odforce. whats the best approach to unbend an object? I have a model of a piano and im trying to get better fractures on the bendy part by straightening it out, so that the splinters run along the panel rather than at random. im sure its pretty unrealistic how it would fracture but it seems like cool detail to have. some reference.
  5. can someone check this for me and tell me a more efficient way to achieve this. it was the only way i could get a decent result. but it definitely doesnt feel right. thanks in advance. butane.hipnc
  6. -__- thanks ikarus. that was too easy. i think its about time i explore the interface a little more.
  7. well yea lets say i did that. but how would i reference one dopnet to the other. so i only have to tweak once. one controls both. same way you would paste copied relative references but on a whole similar node.
  8. is there a quick way to transfer or reference one pyro node so that i wont have to manually change settings on a second pyro sim? i want two pyro sims with the same settings.
  9. thanks Guys. I will definitely let the Director of Education at Gnomon know. im Gonna be lookin forward to this once it gets Green-lit. again thanks for the feedback and feel free to share your thoughts.
  10. So i guess its about that time of year where Gnomon is "wrangling" some of the best in the Biz. We (the dynamics students) were asked to pitch suggestions as to who we'd like to see this year. so i thought id ask here on the forums to see who the lineup should consist of given this is probably the first time in a long time a Houdini artist has shared some knowledge at Gnomon. Of course many of these guys Im sure are booked on projects so its not definitive that we'll get to see them, but its worth a shot. If you have any suggestions or a sort of "Wishlist" on who you'd like to see do a lecture, feel free to post a short list of Artists who you think we should try getting in here. cheers.
  11. thank you eetu. why does combustion have to be on?
  12. does anyone know where i could get more info on this?
  13. Hows the DensitytoOpacity node used and why is there always an error when i try to use it? the example file is not very helpful.
  14. Someone Else confused me with Hello Tello the other night cause they were searching for me. I think i should come up with a pseudonym.
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