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  1. Create orient from object

    Thanks, solved it with lookat matrix3 m = lookat(pos1, pos2, y);
  2. Create orient from object

    That's what I've done in the example, but for some reason it's still not orienting properly.
  3. Create orient from object

    Hi, I'm creating a rotation matrix to be transferred to a point as an orient attribute and then hoping to align a new object with a copy sop and this newly created orient attribute to match the original objects orientation. I have to eventually loop it, but for now just trying it on one object. Any ideas? Test_Orient.hip
  4. Destruction constraints question

    Set some points to be inactive. Easiest way is to group some points at your base then set points to @active=0; Assuming your doing destruction, you can just add a glue constraint to your active pieces and all should hold in place. One important thing to note is Forces do not break constraints. Sounds like you probably have a few strange things going on in your scene.
  5. access object data in dops

    Sop Solver > Dop import Records (Impacts) > Attr transfer
  6. setprimgroup wrangle ?

    Hey, I know there is a setpointgroup for adding points that meet a condition into a group. Is there an equivalent for primitives? string group = "mygroup"; int condition = (@area > ch("scalesize") && @area > ch("scalemin")) ? 1: 0; setpointgroup(geoself(), group, @ptnum, condition); Thanks!
  7. [SOLVED] - Gigantic Ocean Waves - Plausible Approaches

    This is a good read. https://renderman.pixar.com/view/wave-effects-on-surfs-up
  8. Access array attribute wrangle

    That's excellent! Thanks, perfectly explained and does what I need. Cheers
  9. Access array attribute wrangle

    Hey, I have a bunch of points with 3 float attributes, b[0] b[1], b[2] If I want to access only the second attribute, specifically through a wrangle (for learning), how would I do this? I've tried @foo = point(@p,"b",1) but that only returns the first attribute value. Presumably because I'm not asking for an array? Thanks!
  10. Collide relationships

    Perfect! Thanks very much.
  11. Collide relationships

    Hey, have two rbd packed objects (A wall and some glass for example) and two rbd packed colliders (two spheres animated through the scene). How can I make the wall only be affected by one of the spheres, but the glass be affected by both? -Unfortunately cant post a scene from work I've tried adding it at point level in sops but it only works on basic geo, want it to work in dops. Would be much appreciated! Thanks
  12. Pop Attr from volume

    Wish could delete posts Pop advect by volumes. Solved.
  13. Pop Attr from volume

    Hello, Stuck on getting my particles to be avected by a static volume field with varying velocties. have this simple steps for example (Can't post files at work) - Make a box -Turn to volume -rank vector name vel - Volume vop, add some noise and bind export as vel Now I'm trying to use this in my particle sim with a pop attribute from volume but it's not working. any ideas? Thanks and very much appreciated.
  14. Rendering sprites

    Ignore this, was stupidly loading in the dopnet for rendering instead of the cache. Oops! Thanks
  15. Rendering sprites

    Hey, I've set up a simple sprite effect and have used the Mosaic approach for mapping 4 different images onto the particles. Everything works perfectly in the viewport, but when I try and render it overrides the images with whats plugged into the sprite shader and so changes every frame. Any idea how I can get just get the shader to use the mapping in the viewport? Thanks