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  1. I've written out a bgeo sequence with subframes at .5. When I read in through a File sop, how do I know if it's reading in the subframes and not just integer? Thanks Jim
  2. Sorry for the REALLY late reply misterP. First of all, Grade 9 math fail! Sorry! Screen Window X = Maya Horiz Film Offset / Maya Horizontal Aperture. Carry over the fraction, yada yada.... Maya Horiz Film Offset = Houdini Window X * Maya Horizontal Aperture. I'm working with the Screen Window in inches which are independent of scene units. If you were to use cm (which I'm not sure you can. Anybody?) then multiply 2.54 to the Screen Window X. Jim
  3. Facial Rigging Q&A

    Instead of a live Fuse sop which you would have to wrangle precision errors, try prepping the body mesh so that the head geo has verts 0-100 and the rest of the body 101+ . That way you can blendshape the rigged head straight into the body. You could rig a static head that doesn't move from origin - gets blendshaped before the deform sop. And as phrenzy recommended, Stop Staring is a great book for a Viseme based facial system.
  4. Mr X Inc. - Rigging TD

    http://www.mrxfx.com/opportunities Rigging TD Job Responsibilities: * Design and create animator friendly asset and character rigs that work within Maya's referencing pipeline * Facilitate exporting of animation to lighting and fx assets in both Maya and Houdini * Work with R&D to design, debug and evaluate new rigging tools * Develop new techniques and processes to solve character production challenges * Communicate information about new tools and techniques to others * Work with production management to prioritize rigging tasks Qualifications: * Experience with Maya is required. * Experience with Houdini is strongly preferred * Knowledge in scripting would be an advantage * Knowledge in Linux would be an advantage * Excellent communication and presentation skills * Ability to function well in a team environment and be detail oriented * All levels of production experience will be considered. All interested applicants should email their resumes to recruiting@mrxfx.com with the subject reading “Rigging TD". Please include the address of your web portfolio in your resume or send your demo reel to: Attn: Recruiting/Character Rigging TD Mr X Inc. 35 McCaul Street, Suite 100 Toronto, Ontario M5T 1V7
  5. I need to correct myself! Maya Horiz Film Offset = Houdini Window X / Maya Horizontal Aperture
  6. If anyone's interested, the conversion from Maya Film Offset to Houdini Window X/Y is standard rate of .616302. Still not sure about what units Houdini is but this seems to work. Jim
  7. Hello all! It's been a while since I've been on this board... Maya Film Offset is in inches. What unit is Houdini Screen Window X/Y in? I re-jigged the houdini stereo camera to read in animation from Maya. When off-axis stereo was turned on, it read the film offset from Maya 1:1 and this went undetected for a few major projects! Now we are faced with rendering images in Houdini that have to line up with Maya renders.... Jim
  8. How Do You Write Out A Gzbgeo?

    Thanks Jason! Yes, that worked. I just realized gzbgeo is a C.O.R.E. suffix. And Arctor, I've been freakin' building VOP SOP modelling tools that I miss at CORE, but no luck building arctor.otl .
  9. I tried to write the geometry out as .gz but that didn't work. Thanks Jim
  10. Resident Evil Extinction

    Ben looks better now....
  11. Check out the new RE3 trailer that made it's debut at San Diego Comic-Con! It got pretty good reaction at the Con. There are some Houdini shots in the trailer- the floor boards exploding and the tentacles attacking Milla. Those were done by Jeff Capegreco and Ben Simons. I modelled and rigged the Crows (But that was done in Maya). http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_picture...evilextinction/ Jim
  12. Folder Parameters In Vex??

    Neat!!!! That was easy! Thanks Jeff Jim
  13. Folder Parameters In Vex??

    Thanks! is there a way to generate that code inside the VOP Network? Jim
  14. Folder Parameters In Vex??

    Is there a way to make folders in the Vex parameters? I've got too many parameters in the vop sop tool I'm making...just wanted to do some house cleaning. Thanks Jim
  15. Vop Sop Question

    Thank-you Georg! That works. I like that it spits out a success integer as well. Very usefull. Jim