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  1. oil and water mix

    Different density's is the way to go. What didn't work for you?
  2. Here is an example of how I would do it. ground_break_3_sh.hip
  3. Skin loses shop_materialpath?

    Use the Material SOP after the skin or copy the attribute over?
  4. My bad you don't need to do the empty volume. Notice also how the operation is set to Minimum and the combination is perfect! vdbCombine.hip edit: Union is also perfect.
  5. You need to create an empty volume that is the size/res that you want and then vdb combine sop to add them in (make sure they are vdbs). I'll try to whip up an example...
  6. Table import and special letters

    Well if the table import in H isn't working I'd say brush up on that Python!
  7. Table import and special letters

    You could also use Python (inside or outside of H) to clean up the unwanted letters for you. Each one of those characters has a corresponding integer representation. Poke around stack overflow and I'm sure you will find help with cleaning it up.
  8. @Atom you are always dealing with volumes in FLIP. When you go to create a mesh from particles it will be converted to a volume/sdf first. This is where I would blend in other volumes but if you need a really large extension it might make sense to use volumes to blend into your lake mesh.
  9. FLIP morph custom forces

    You can do it with POPs but using the volume gradient is the way to go. flipAttract.hip

    You can drop an Attribute Wrangle before the scatter sop and enter: @P += @N * chf("shift"); Then press the 'Create spare parameters...' button to the right of the VEX code box which will create a slider for you to control the offset. Negative values will push it inward. tubeShift.hip
  11. Like Carlo said, $F# or $SF# (#=3, 4, 5...) will pad numbers with # number of 0's. When reading file you an also use filename.`padzero(#, $F/$SF)`.ext if that helps at all.
  12. Modification of the velocity of the deforming geometry

    You can create a custom vector attribute on the broom geo , let's call it disturb, throw some curl noise in there or whatever you want using VOPs, and attribute transfer it to the particles and throw that into the v attribute. Just one way out of an infinite number...
  13. Table import and special letters

    Are you using python to parse the CSV? If not I would do that. https://docs.python.org/2/library/csv.html
  14. Imperfect Voronoi fracture

    Have you tried adjusting the 3D tolerance in the fracture sop?
  15. Ultimately it's going to be a volume, I would just make some other volumes to mix in once you are at that stage?