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  1. I would like to find the narrowest areas of a piece of geometry and cut across them. It was suggested to do simplified raymarching using the SDF of the surface and find when the rays meet a ray of the opposite direction, but I'm not entirely sure how to set that up. Any help would be great thanks.
  2. What is sprintf in detail

    sprintf returns a string value instead of printing to the console. The "%d" can be thought of as placeholder for values to be inserted. So you could write: s@name = "debris_f" + itoa(@frame) + "_" + itoa(@ptnum); or s@name = debris_f%d_%d", Frame, @ptnum;
  3. How would you go about identifying areas like this procedurally?
  4. I saw this video recently, unfortunately it's in Chinese. I'm mainly concerned with procedural rock placement section. Any ideas how this was achieved? I can manage the masks I'm getting stuck on how the geo is section into what seem like plots of land. Would anyone have any ideas? I've attached a hip file as well proceduralPlacement_v001.hip
  5. bounding box orient to emitter pyro

    @willow wafflebeard Any chance you can share a generic example of this? Instead of exact hip file?
  6. Houdini and Python notes

    Nice useful resources. Thanks!
  7. Montreal Houdini User Group

    Hello fellas I also just arrived in Montreal not to long ago at Cinesite. Any word on the group?
  8. POPs - Glass Shatter Effect ...

    Inside of a for each sop you can gather each piece and use a measure sop to calculate the area and attribute promote it to each point instead of the primitive
  9. Rectilinear Particle Motion Help

    Thanks xray
  10. Rectilinear Particle Motion Help

    Thanks xray was there supposed to be a hip file attached?
  11. Rectilinear Particle Motion Help

    Hi Al, Dows anyone have any ideas on how to create rectilinear particle motion ie. random turns at 45 or 90 degrees for a few frames while moving towards a goal? The closest example I can think of would be the fireworks in TRON:Legacy See- http://vimeo.com/22507731 particularly the motion when they begin to fall that rectagular pattern. Thanks for any help in advance.
  12. FX TD/Generalist

    Available to work as a FX TD or Generalist. Take a look at my site www.jameswcg.com and my attached CV. James_Williams_CV2014.doc
  13. Can this be done in Houdini?

    Thanks eetu I got this to work in h13 adapted it to work in the new dops. I also added in a python sop which allows you to read in point cloud data such as the data from the dubinski model. Although the files do need to be converted to txt format with proper spacing which i've also included. as eetu stated you will need to update file read and write nodes. I would like to continue the work on this for close particle interaction if anyone else has any ideas please feel free to add. dubinski.txt stars.txt NBody_Gravitation.hip
  14. Can this be done in Houdini?

    Hi eetu any chance you could shed some light on the volume method you were speaking of Hi eetu, any chance you could shed some light on the volume method you were speaking of? I tried to implement a pop wrangle method of the nbody equation but don't think its working properly. and anything over about 300 particles is very slow. If you could share that would be great as I would like to try and mix the solutions.
  15. procedural venation

    I posted the wrong hip file last time here is the correct one. vineGrowth06.hip