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  1. Balloon-crash // Cloth

    yeah. that solves the problem of having a fully deflated balloon thank you! next i would put some noise onto the movement? wind? Best regards!
  2. Balloon-crash // Cloth

    Hey there Modeling should be the right subforum for this(?!). I'm still new to Houdini but want to use it in a shortfilm about a crashed pilot. (pretty eager to learn) As a set-extention, i want to use a half-deflated hot-air balloon, lying on its side. The wind should play with it, fluttering Cloth and strings attached to the balloon-basket. What's the best way to accomplish this task? Are there any tutorials about inflating/deflating Cloth? I'm imagining some parts of the cloth flapping against each other, then balancing themselves out again with some general big balloon-movement. Clothsim? Metaballs? How can i prevent the cloth from sinking to the ground completely? Best regards Marc Some Images: