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  1. Exporting cameras as alembic using a ROP

    SOLVED! For some reason I couldn't get it to work using the SOP path settings, but it DOES work when I use root object = /obj objects = path/to/camera and turn on 'Build hierarchy from attribute'. Phew, that's a relief! Now to export thirty different cameras...
  2. Alembic cache to be simulated in dops

    Have you converted it to geo first? If you stick a convert node after you load in the alembic then it will turn it into geo you can use. (You can use an unpack before the convert if there are attributes you want to extract into your geo). If you need velocities you'll also need to put down a trail sop set to 'calculate velocity' after the convert (assuming you have a consistent animated mesh). If you've already done these things, I'd need to know a bit more about what you're trying to do in dops before I can work out what's wrong.
  3. You could also use the setup you had originally, but the issue there is that the torus node doesn't know anything about what's further down in the chain, so it doesn't know what point it's going to be copied to and can't set anything per copy. The trick is to replace your 'copy to points' node with a 'copy stamp'. This node lets objects that are going to be copied access information about the points they're being copied onto. (you may already know the following but I'm putting it in for peeps that need it later) Turn on 'Stamp Inputs' under the 'Stamp' tab, and put your test variable and a reference name for it into the variables. (I always use capitals for reference names to make them distinct from variable names, but you don't have to) Then in your torus node, put the following into the parameter you want to control (assuming your copy stamp node is called 'copy1'): "stamp("../copy1", "TEST", 2)" The syntax for this is "stamp(<node you're referencing that does the copying>, <reference name for variable you want to pick up>, <default value if we can't find the variable>)". I always set the default value to something that will be obvious if it hasn't worked, hence the 2 in this example. You can use this to set more or less anything on your copies, but beware that it can get very heavy when you're copying to huge numbers of points and you may need a different sort of solution. In that case it would depend a lot on your setup.
  4. Hi folks, I'm trying to find a tidy way to export a camera as an alembic using a ROP so that we can use it inside Nuke. At the moment I've already tried: just putting the camera into my alembic ROP like normal geo object_merge the camera so that it's inside a geo node, then putting that into the alembic ROP Neither of these methods produce something I can open in Nuke. I know I can use the File>export method (and that *does* work with this camera), but I'm building a library which needs to use and export lots of cameras and would like something that I can set up as part of my HDAs rather than manually doing each one (ugh) Thanks!