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  1. Ok, got it) Thanks! Will do as you say. And one more thing - will add a branches without needles in the lower branches and in in the lower part of the trunk.
  2. Made some variants of tree shape. Couldn't decide what is better looks A or B. Or maybe both looks normal. Think need to randomize branch placement by length of the trunk, to more natural look.
  3. Thank you, David! I very appreciated to you! Forest is the place where you can hear voices of passed ages. It's really something special. Pine and spruce has differences in bark, but the idea about colors by y axis is the same. Will implement this by layer of gradient in COPs.
  4. Upload some photos with different bark colors. First 2 photos is spruce, I think 50 years old, or more. It is about 1 meter in diameter. Next photo shows this tree with arrow. Next photos is trees about 20-30 years. All bark colors is different. Will try to implement it with some texture blending in COPs. But waiting for another references=)
  5. Thanks, stickman! Ofc I am interested! The more references, the better will be final product) Later will post my references too and I found that different trees has different colors, think that it is dependent of age of the tree.
  6. Thanks! Stuck with the hardest thing - connect all parts of the tree together and make it usable.
  7. Render full tree for test. Just raw colors. Branches placed by hand. Still need a lot of work to do.
  8. Made some render test, just place branches with different iteration on top of each other with small offset. Changes - fading needles angle, rebuild branch grow structure.
  9. Thanks, Nico! Yeah, time is very limited) Try to implement this solution, will give a feedback when reach some result.
  10. This is what I am looking for) Try to make same thing for about two weeks, but no result. Great thing! Could you explain in breaf, how you made this? It will be very useful for making trunk with branches for project i am currently working on.
  11. Just small update. Add some curvature to branches with needles, to look more naturally.
  12. Hi, Houdini7! Scene with tubes is just an example=) I need to scale separate groups without scaling the tubes connected.
  13. Made some simple scene with simple setup example. boolean_attrib_groups.hip
  14. Hi! Can't figure out how to assign attribute to different group parts that boolean made. I have a cylinder with some cylinders rotated and transformed like a tree branches. They intersect with main cylinder. After subtracting them from main cylinder "trunk", there are abseams edge group created. How to assign attribute for each loop(I mean all loops has one attribute but with different values for each loop - 1, 2, 3...etc)? Or how can i create separate group for each loop? This is for purpose to scale/transform them from center of loop in foreach, to affect them all at the same time.
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