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  1. hou.session not removing variable?

    Thanks a lot Graham!
  2. Is it correct that if I run hou.setSessionModuleSource('a = 1') hou.setSessionModuleSource('b = 1') "a" should be deleted. The source editor window shows only b = 1, but in hou.session both variables are kept??? dir(hou.session) gives a AND b, so the first variable is not deleted? It's not the matter of life and death but supposed "a" can possibly be a huuuge array it can clutter memory.
  3. deform geometry using a low poly version

    Also be sure you've checked this : houdinitools There is a very nice PGMVC deformer.
  4. Houdini certainly is production oriented, but some speed eventually won't do much harm to that production . I may be wrong but in last few years sesi push houdini towards single homegrown users and little shops. Now these non Phd CG lovers not neccesarily are going to be lured by houdini world at the moment. Many features demand so much patience and time that can be considered non existent when compared to other software. No matter how powerful are CHOPs it's hard to prove it's unholy greatness to character animators when even a sample scene from great chops book moves at 4 fps on strong modern hardware. Mantra power and flexibility could just be not a biggest deal for 90 % of normal 10 - 20 people commercial shops. No matter how powerful, it really is slow and hard to setup for most of the scenes. There are artists who can afford spending days on learning how to setup sss not to freeze to death on overlapping objects or different scales or anything. But more artists would like it to work like vray, just hit render and move the light. And 99 % there is no need to look at .pc. If architectural scenes with plenty of moving emerging objects, changing light, plenty of foliage, gi, motion blur and dof can be considered a tiniest production...that's also not where mantra would shine. The only way to efficiently use multibounce gi is PBR. There is literally no way to use PBR in that case. DOPS are very powerful, but there are no examples that show the target little shop it's true strength. Nothing that will make them turn their eyes from lagoa or ice or fume or ncloth or something else. And they are slow. Flexible, but slow, and unable to do large scale simulations as efficiently as a number of other less flexible soft. Work in houdini and look at task manager on your dual 6 core... Now go to softimage and do the same. I wondered if we can use houdini as our main app. We are a tiny shop and we can't afford using houdini not because it is expensive (count the plugins and maintenance, 7k is really not that much), but because it is slow for what we and 90% of others alike do. I know there are many people who put years in learning houdini for sheer LOVE of it. It's not just a software but a brave hearted stubborn knight with his sword pointed at the black three chambered heart of you know who! I'd really like it to be faster, no matter how production oriented it is.
  5. pane size and position

    Thanks Graham, Swann mentioned it also it's a nice feature. Sure for painting with it one should better have a VEry fast finger .
  6. pane size and position

    Thanks, I've experimented with viewTransform() a little. Got to try this HDK solution but ... even if easy, it puts shiver down my neck
  7. pane size and position

    It should be accessible from HDK. Then we could call the function getMyMousePos() from inlineCpp every fraction of a second until any escaping event happens. EDIT: Just found this: HDK docs There are functions : getViewportItransform and getViewportTransform, with an example.
  8. pane size and position

    It's a really nifty feature, thanks. If only it was possible to read the values without clicking... Now it needs a click to get the position and it's kinda counter sketching behaviour. Perhaps there is a way to read the positions as mouse moves, just as mouse CHOP.
  9. pane size and position

    Serwus Swann, That's where I started but quicly dropped it. It calls genericTool() or something which I think is a closed solution. Will check it again though, thanks for the tip.
  10. pane size and position

    Thanks Graham, So I assume hscript also doesn't have this functionality, otherwise it could be wrapped with hou.hscript? Perhaps I'm looking in wrong direction and there is another way to get mouse position in 3D viewport? For example when creating a curve with ortho grid off, the points are placed on a plane defined by perspective camera(pov). I'm looking for a way to do viewport painting. Like maya paintFX. It's easy doable with maxScript also.
  11. pane size and position

    Hello guys, Do you know a way to acquire pane size and position in pixels of sceneViewer? I try to get position of mouse in 3d viewport. The solution could be remapping what mouse CHOP spits out to 3D viewport and transforming it to current camera space. I hoped it's stored in hou.Pane hou.SceneViewer but can't find it. Maximizing viewport would do the trick but it's dirty.
  12. Real particle simulation

    "Oh great, thats really good now isn't it. ... ... ... I'm just not entirely sure about this pattern. You know what I mean, perhaps less circles, two circles would be just fine and for sure the spiral should be more decorative, more winding I don't know. The colours are temporary ofcourse??? There is just one more little thing about the water, I really like the waving, keep the waving but just in the front. While the front ones are waving make the back ones pop and drop in the rhythm. We changed music to Valkyries by the way. It's not that much we have a meeting tomorrow morning, you have plenty of time." ... "Have I mentioned the shape of the pool?"
  13. For Windows 7 users...

    Windows: Because blue is cool Mac: Because in mac ads there are heroes you eagerly identify with Seriously: Because those bloodthirsty imperialists from two evil companies producing cg software forces us mere mortals to step onto their path to abbyss
  14. scary GPU stuff

    Great, I haven't seen it before. Michael I agree but more things are going close and it looks like being a major direction now. As soon as we get enough AOVs from gpu, the cpu will only care about mine sweeper There are many examples like : .They claim it's only for preview rendering, but it's just today, isn't it?
  15. scary GPU stuff

    I've just spotted this Renderants... GPU rendering seems to be very close. Of course not yet that precise and flexible, but with very strong pushing from game market, this probably will replace CPU rendering of many non feature film productions in next couple of years. Where do you think where it is going and what is the future of cpu renderers?