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  1. Deforming Packed Gometry

    Thank you so much for that, I really appreciate it. Kind regards, Frank Engen
  2. Deforming Packed Gometry

    I am unpacking it in a sop solver inside a for each loop to do it to every packed geometry. Then repacking it again and transferring the attributes back onto the packed geometry with a attribute copy. The plan is to add more packed geometry every frame, as well as deforming and manipulating the geometry in a unpack and pack manner, which seems to work, but the error seems to be with my collisions, it seems to have the same collision geometry/bounds as it initially had before is started manipulation it in the sop solver(even though when I look at the "Show Guide Geometry" in the "rbdpackedobject node" it seem to have updated there. Which is the problem I am hoping to resolve. Many thanks again for your help, Kind regards, Frank Engen
  3. Deforming Packed Gometry

    Sorry about that, it should just be a sphere as a placeholder in the scene as a test. Here is a more clean sceen. Many thanks for looking at it. Deforming_PackedGeometry_02.hip
  4. Deforming Packed Gometry

    Hi, I cant figure out what I am doing wrong, but my geometry shape does no seem to be respected. It only seems to respect the old geometry shape in my dop simulation. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Many thanks for your help, kind regards, Frank Engen Deforming_PackedGeometry_01.hip
  5. Hi, sorry if this seems like a silly question, but what am I doing wrong when I am searching? Nothing is coming up.. I searched from something as common as RBD, and absolutely nothing comes up. The thing is if I search for flip I can see a post with the word RBD in it, so what am I doing wrong? many thanks for you help, and sorry if it is probably something silly I am doing wrong. Kind regards, Frank Engen
  6. Height map from point position

    I have done this before but i am not sure whats happening now, I believe this file should work, but fore some reason it does not, and the height colour should co-relate to the displacement height. It works with uv's but not with point position. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Many thanks for your help, Kind regards, Frank Engen HeightMap_01.hip
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew why as soon as i hit allow editing of content my shader stops working in my ifd's and it just renders grey scale? Does anyone know why this and or a solution to it? Do I have to cache my shader maybe after I do this? If so how does anyone know how I go about doing this? Many thanks for your help. Kind regards, Frank Engen
  8. "instancefile" attrib doesn not render on farm

    actually I take that back I cant get the "instance" attrib to work either the only way I can get it to work on the farm is if the instance object is specified in the instance node. How do I fix this? Many thanks, Frank
  9. Hi, I am trying to render point instancing with the "instancefile" strig attrib, but it only works when I render localy. When I render on the farm with ifd it only works with "instance" attrib meaning the file or geo has to be in the scene. Is there a solution to this? Many thanks for your help, Frank.
  10. Color VDB Volume

    Sweet thanks for that
  11. Color VDB Volume

    Or is there another way of doing this? I just though vdb from particle would be the fastest but i guess i can do it with volme from attribute but its just a bit slower i think :/
  12. Color VDB Volume

    Hi when i color a vdb volume i get a hollow or white center, how do i make it so i just get a solid sphere colored, i want to do this with the vdb from particles. Many thanks for your help. Frank ColorVolume_01.hip
  13. Subsurface Scattering with object emission

    Thank you guys, yeah that worked using a geometry light. Many THanks!
  14. I can not get my object to become a light that affects subsurface scattering, i do get it to work with other normal mansasurface shaders and volumes. But not to work as a light does and make another object scatter. Does anyone know how to do this? Many thanks, Frank
  15. Corrective Blend Shapes

    Hi, Im doing a rigg in Maya, and using Houdini to help out and Im going to use it to sim my carracter dynamicly aswell. For now im struggling to get my corrective blens shapes working in maya. Not sure what im doing wrong in Hoduini. The deformed arm does not end up looking quite like the dorrective blend shape. When I apply the blend shape in maya, its close but not quite. THank you so much in advence for your help, Many Thanks, Frank Corrective_BlendShape_01.hiplc CorrectiveBlendShape_01_rigg.mb