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  1. Hi Tomas, Thanks a lot for you explanation. I get it now. Spare inputs does look easier. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Hello, I have a for each connected loop, and I created a meta import node. To access the node using the detail function in a wrangle I have to use the back ticks to get the value of the iteration otherwise it just shows 0 without the back ticks. Can some please explain to me why we need to use the detail function in back ticks, for example `detail("../eachP/", "iteration", 1);` in a wrangle node for it to work? Thanks, This is with back ticks This is without back ticks
  3. Hi Ultraman, Thanks for the reply. I saw this but it's still a little confusing. Why is @vtxnum returning a single value, instead of 4 values for each vertex?
  4. Hello, Can someone please explain to me what a linear vertex is properly? I thought I understood it when I was initially trying with lines but once I applied the function on the grid, everything seems wrong. I understood it as, primvertex points to the point number, so vertex 2 of primitive 1 should return 2 but instead it is returning 6. Not sure why? The same function with lines give me the correct answer.
  5. That's awesome. Thanks a lot. It works now.
  6. Hello, I am creating an digital asset for a personal project that I am working on. As soon as I saved the digital asset, all the parameters are locked and I cannot change it. Can someone please tell me how to edit those parameters? I have attached a screenshot of edit parameter interface, in parameter description, you can see all of the fields are locked except for a few. Thanks for your help
  7. Hey, Thanks for your reply. I switched to CPU and I got this error: OpenCL Exception: Could not create OpenCL device of type (HOUDINI_OCL_DEVICETYPE): CPU on platform vendor (HOUDINI_OCL_VENDOR): Intel(R) Corporation. The built-in CPU driver may not support your CPU (-32) Also, I checked my memory and it seems to be fine. It's not taking up that much memory.
  8. Hello, I am trying to work with OpenCL but as soon I enable them on few nodes, like the gas disturb, gas turbulence, it stops working. I just get a mushroom smoke effect. Does openCL not work on these fields? I have attached some screenshots. The first image is without OpenCL, the second one is with smoke disturb disabled and the third image is with openCL enabled on Smoke disturb.
  9. Oh thanks. I thought that it might be causing the problem but when I drew another curve, it didn't happen, so I wasn't really sure why. Thanks for clarifying.
  10. Hello, Thanks for your messages. I have attached the file. Trying an old tutorial. In the control tab, you can control the crack. After the values go above 0.94, it disappears. The warning sign on the boolean is there even before the geometry disappears. FloorCrack.hipnc
  11. Hello, I am trying to do a boolean operation, I have a curve which uses a carve SOP to shrink or grow, I have used a polywire to give it some geometry and I am using this geometry for input2 in the boolean operation. But when I change the carve, the main object that is connected to boolean input 1, keeps disappearing and reappearing. Does anyone know why this happens? I am using a subtract operation in boolean. Thanks for you help,
  12. dolexd

    Burn vs Fuel

    Hello, I am following a few tutorials on how to make an explosion/fire. Some of them use the attribute burn and others use fuel. Can I please know if there is any difference between the two? Thank you very much.
  13. Hello, I am really confused with Gas Disturb node. I tried reading the documentation and tried different values but I haven't seen much difference when I change the Threshold Range value. Can some please help me and explain what exactly the Threshold Range is doing? Thanks.
  14. Hello, I downloaded Houdini 18.5 and installed it but I am not able to run. I see it running as a background process but nothing happens. Can you please help? I tried running the Houdini license administrator, but even that is stuck at the Connecting to license server screen and once it connects, I get the error as below. Thank you.
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