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  1. Hello to all! Question regarding the vellum and vellumrestblend. I have a number of planes scattered on the surface. I want to rotate them on some degrees in vellum simulatation. So, I put together a super simple setup using the vellumrestblend. Rest planes in SOP rotate as they should. But when I switch to vellum simulation, some of the planes rotate as they should, and some in the opposite direction. What am I doing wrong? Here is some screenshots and hip file. Thanks! grow_plains_Vellum2.hip
  2. Smooth Capture Weights

    Ah! One more question. Is there a weight locking option for individual bones in houdini? For example all bones are locked except 2 some. And when I paint weights on one of this unlocked bones, weights change only in between these unlocked bones and weights of others locked bones stay the same? Once again, by analogy with Autodesk Maya:
  3. Smooth Capture Weights

    Yeah, got it. A bit strange approach, but probably a matter of habit. Thank you very much!
  4. Smooth Capture Weights

    Well, actually there are 4 bones. They are just not visible (white bones on white grid)
  5. Hi! I try to figure how to paint capture weights in Houdini (current version 17.0.506). I seems to me that whichever option I choose (paint, smooth layer, smooth final) the weights are either 0 or 1. What is going on? How can I just simply smooth my skin weights as for example it done in Autodesk Maya? Here the screen:
  6. RBD chains on Character

    Thank you guys for your replyes! @derjcmp - no I didn`t. Truly I never worked with grain solver yet. If somewhere (vimeo, youtube, here on this forum) there are examples of solving a similar problem - it would be interesting to look @adrianr - thank you very much for scene! I'll check it out on my character when I'm a bit free from the current tasks. Now I just do not have time. :-/ And at the moment, the problem is solved as mentioned above - with help of cloth solver.It worked well enough for this particular case. Once again thank you for your tips!
  7. RBD chains on Character

    Hi all! So here is the problem: there is a character with RBD chains on the body. If the character is static, then the chains normally hang on the body, but as soon as the character starts moving - everything goes to hell. I've tried 2 methods: 1) Replace links with simple spheres and link them with hard constraints. 2) Each link is represented as a set of spheres and solve in this form. I tried to inrease samples - did not help. So, what else I can do to simulate this chains? I think that it can be solved with cloth solver, (use some "ribbons" that represents this chains, take centroids of primitves and copy on this points chain links), but I really want to do it with "true" rigid body dynamics. So any suggestions? I attached an archive with 2 scenes and some caches. By the way, sorry for my bad english. bug_search.rar
  8. Hi! Here is a problem. I try to create liquid inside some volume, for example in the botlle. If bottle is static all is OK, but if bottle is moving - FLIP inside this object start to compress and is losing its volume.... Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? Here is link to sample video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBE_5Oae5dY&feature=youtu.be Any help will be appreciated!
  9. houdini cache trouble!

    Thank You Skybar for quick reply! I will try to work with sim files! I hope it will work... Any way once again thank you for your advices!
  10. Hi all! I have a very long simulation (800 frames). During caching there were error occured (twice!), so i I have had to restart houdini... So here is the question: what i have to do to continue my cache from frame where error happened? At this moment if I set start frame in ROP or Dop I/O from any number of frame bigger than 1, houdini start simulation from scratch . If I set simulation start frame from any number bigger than 1 in DOP, Houdini just do nothing! Houdini just ignores all calculations and save cache files without any information (files size is 1 kb) Please help! Cache all 800 frames of simulation every time, again and again - it is madness!
  11. pyro cluster

    Ouh! There were some troubles with internet connection so I accendently created two topics with the same theme. Here link to discusion: http://forums.odforce.net/index.php?/topic/17948-pyro-cluster/
  12. explosion on desert

    any chance to view your hip file?
  13. pyro cluster

    Thank You very much Dobin! It works!
  14. pyro cluster

    oook. Thanks dobin! So it`s working if I turn off instancing in Source Volume in DOP and Partitioning in Fluid Source. But it is still something wrong, if I turn on " gasresizefluiddynamic ". How to make this instanced containers to resize their dimensions?
  15. pyro cluster

    Hi all! I`m trying to recreate a dust burst from some number of objects, when they hitting floor, for example. So I decided to use pyro cluster for maximum flexibility. For study reasons I`m trying to build scene from scratch. So what I have now... I made draft scene that use to be represent the effect that I need. Now I have some points ("collision points" - place-holders where dust have to be emitted from), and number of fluidsources for fuel and temperature emision. So I generate number of source volumes and instanced pyro containers, but I have no emission in this containers at all. So here the scene. multiExpl1.hip What I`m doing wrong? Any help would be appreciate!