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  1. Drag PySide2 listview item to Houdini

    In the end I solved it by myself. Resolved. You do not have to answer. Have a nice day.
  2. pyside When you drag an item in listview to Houdini, a node is created. What should I do? Should I set a item mimedate? I want to create a node where the mouse is located.
  3. thanks reply I want to control both the sphere and the box in the Solver. v, and w attributes will control them.
  4. dynamic level... I want to bring the box objects inside sopsolver. The sample file was attached. Thanks. question.hipnc
  5. hq server system: houdini 13.0.237 python2.6.6 Linux 64bit CentOS6 2.6.32-279.el6.x86_64 ############ I don't know python socket error... When you start rendering Python socket error has occurred why do?
  6. numpy question.

    numpy module is high performance
  7. numpy question.

    Thank you peon!!! thanks a lot~^^ Have a nice day~!!!
  8. numpy question.

    node = hou.pwd() geo = hou.pwd().geometry() for p in geo.points(): npole = hou.Vector3(node.parmTuple('north_pole').eval()) pos = hou.Vector3(p.position()) print pos - npole ============================================================ "pos - npole" (vector subtraction) To replace this code with a "numpy", what should I do? (no for loop) help me plz..
  9. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    import scipy import matplotlib
  10. 12 version of Houdini attributes that cling to the property there was a pop. However, the attribute cling Houdini 13 version does not exist. Houdini attribute cling to in any way use the 13 version should I use??
  11. Hi, kleer001 I want.... Conflicts when they occur, would like to stop the rotation of the cube.
  12. Has posted a scene file. question.hipnc Particles hit an object group was created. So that is not the group as a group node group has been created. Particles that belong to that group, but I would like to give the rotation. However, this applies to all the particles rotate. How to resolve this problem, ask for some good advice.
  13. inlinecpp link error, help me plz...

    Thank you very much edward~!!! Have a good day
  14. os: Linux (centOS 6.3) Link error has occurred. So / usr/lib64 / libGLU in the / usr / bin / walked a symbolic link ... But it did not work was LD_LIBRARY_PATH to / usr / bin / and / usr/lib64 / Please add this, too, but was not. My English is not very good. I'm sorry.
  15. Houdini Python multiprocessing module available?? If available, if you are any way?