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  1. choppy particles output

    Hi guys, I am running into choppy particles(the edges of the particles are too clean); even after setting oversampling to 4. I tried using noise or turbulence to break them up. It is probably because I am driving the particles using vdb generated from rbd simulation. Any solution is welcomed for consideration. Anyway, this is an experimental workflow so I would also welcome any suggestions or critiques if anything could be done better or wrong. And thanks for reading. Cheers! choppy_particles.hipnc
  2. Greetings Houdinians, My rendering of multi sss on animated bgeo which has changing point counts is causing lots of flickering. Upon some research, I narrowed down the culprit to point clouds calculation. While the generic answer was to append a Rest Position node, it doesn't seem to be working. I have also tried to write, then read the pc file. Any idea how I should solve this? or where can I look into? Thanks!
  3. Material/uv details disappear after merge

    thanks a lot. that'll be in my training list for winter holidays.
  4. Material/uv details disappear after merge

    Thanks. All geometries are built within a single object >> this is called the sop level correct? I finally found the problem: i actually uv-ed different geometries and when merged I must have missed out something so Houdini chose only 1 of the uv. I'll just do the uv after the merge instead of before. Still, it is nice to learn new things. Do you have any tutorials suggestions to learn about class and attributes? quick google tells me they are total alien from maya and max. they also seem to be 1 of the reasons to tap Houdini's power.
  5. Hi guys, I have multiple polygons modelled, uv-ed and material-ed. But when I merge them (All under the same obj level), some uv and materials does not pass through. I've checked help about merge asking me to "set explicitly" but I'm really lost what it means as everything has been set. Any help or advice will be appreciated. Thanks!