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  1. Hi all.This is murali krishna.Im new to houdini and its really amazing software with a great control with each and every thing in it.Im so impressed.Recently started test out some pyro explosions but i got stuck with a huge render times for example the attached image is rendered about 3hrs of time and Initial first frames are taking around 8-12 hrs of time so someone can pls guide me through optmization ways and workflows in houdini.Pls find the hip file in the attachment. Explosion_Test.hipnc
  2. Mantra(PBR)Taking long time to render a explosion

    Hi, Thanks for ur reply,Sim is already cached.anyways i figured out the problem,now it is solved,it is due to the fire opacity graph.Here is my final render hope u all like it. https://vimeo.com/64535354 Thanks Murali Krishna