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  1. Add Spare Channel

    Does anyone knows how to add spare channel in Houdini 9? I think it is different from Houdini 8. thanks for your attention!
  2. Need Autorig Support

    hi there, I am testing out the character autoRig in Houdini 9. Does anyone know how I can add some extra bones to the biped or quadruped? For example, if I am rigging an elephant, i really need a lot of extra bones for the trunk. Also, does anyone know how I can add some extra facial rigs to the biped? (otherwise, I could only use shapeblend and wire deformer for the facials) any help will be appreciated!
  3. Hi there, Would "camera shake" help the interviewer to know better about the candidate's animation skill or not? I constantly see people put some camera shake on the showreel trying to add more weight on the character but adding camera shake also distract a bit the viewers eye. I would like to see how the character animation interviewer see this issue? because I am going to create a dinosaur walk and i am thinking of whether I should add some camera shaking for each of its step or not. Please help! thanks!
  4. HI there, Does anyone know what Layer animation means? Recently, I heard that Pixar is using this "Layer aimation" concept for for many years for their productions but I read through the whole Rickard Williams animation survival kit but I still could not find the meaning of Layer animation. Could anyone refer me to a link or book to me? (about layer animation) thanks!
  5. I Need Comments From Experienced Animators.

    :)Thanks for the reply! How about just compare with their animation quality (e.g. judging by the implementation of some principles of animation......)? (without worrying about budget, time, software, render quality, lighting, technology, fur, particles.........)
  6. I Need Comments From Experienced Animators.

    What would you think about Ant bully's animation quality compare with dreamworksPDI? (in terms of acting, staging, timing.....)
  7. I just watched the Ant Bully's dvd. I personally found that Ant Bully's animation is not bad. (In terms of animation quality. e.g. timing, acting, overlapping.......) In my opinion, it is not completely worse than Sherk. What would you think about Ant bully's animation quality. (not counting the textures and modelling) Did they use houdini to do the keyframes or just Maya? thanks for your attention!
  8. Motorbike

    This is nice! But I think yo could still add more detail on the pipes and the engine. such as decols or screws, rust.....
  9. Normal Map

    Hi there, Which part of normal map is better than traditional bump map. Normal map has been so popular in these few years. no mater people are from the game industry or movie orZbrush modeller. But why people nowadays prefer using normal map to bump map? Which one can produce better quality? Why? some website explained a lot about tangent space or something...... but why is it better than bump map? thanks for your attention!
  10. Lighting Technique

    wow! the car lighting on this website looks fantastic! http://www.suurland.com/
  11. Lighting Technique

    Hi there Does anyone have any idea how professional people could manage doing lighting setup for car commerical. I tried to look for some tutorials about product lighting but still could not find some good tutorial about it. Thanks for your attention! Any help will be highly appreciated! yours faithfully Bruce
  12. Dear Canadians

    Dear Canadians, I am currently in Montreal. Can anyone tell me where I can get some Houdini related matterial from Montreal? And I will be going to Torontal on this weekend before I fly to my home country. Could anyone show me where I could find some Houdini-related matterial from Torontal? any help will be highly appreciated!
  13. Side Effects Lighting Class

    I am interested in this lighting course very much but I cannot attend because of the location. Could anyone post the course outline here?
  14. Lighting Technique

    Hi there, Before I go in front of the computer, I listed out the follow steps for doing lighting design. Since this is my first time to find a way to do lighting design, if you think there are some points that I am missing, please feel free to let me know. Lighting design steps: What is the theme? What is the atmosphere? What is the emotion? Any target audiences? What is the time/season of the scene? Collect similar references/target images Define main light colours, light direction, light type, light distance List out the primary object that should be focused on List out the secondary object that should be for garnishing What kind of specular highlight is the most appropriate to define this object
  15. Lighting Technique

    Dear Andz, Thank you so much! This kind of tutorial is exactly what I have been looking for! Thanks a lot! bruce