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  1. Hi All, I'm currently facing a simple problem: Does the POPs object able to collide with Packed fractured objects ? Attached is a simple file all created by shelf. I thought it collides by default but not. The only way came up to my mind is to unpack the packed object and make the POP simulation inside another DOP, collide with unpacked SOP. Houdini 13.0.288 Thanks. popCollisionWithPacked_H13.hip
  2. Points Creeping on Surface

    Hi, All Now I am building something like my attached file, the scattered points are rotating through the Y-axis and sticking on the surface. The file shows the result of my method. Since I'm using the ray SOP, there are still lots of area hasn't being projected. Is there any better way to approach this ? surfaceCreeping.hip
  3. Points Creeping on Surface

    Thanks, Artem. This is what exactly we need now.
  4. bringing a SOP attribute to DOPs?

    Try creating "mass" attribute in SOP.
  5. Particle Slide on Collision

    Hi all, Here's a simple question about the particle slide on collision. From the attached picture you can see there's a distance between the particle and the grid plane. Since the "Source" and the "Grid Plane" are animated with the same direction, I think it's the inherit velocity caused the distance. Is there any way to fix it up? particleCollision.hip
  6. Flip Fluid and animated object

    If you want the FLIP to keep the shape as the ball in the picture, try emit it every frame, and disable after the ball hits the wall. Emitting every frame causing lots of water falling with the gravity force. Using the "Sink Particle Fluid" to kill the particle outside the ball until it hits the wall. The "velocity" from SOP is also important to make it looks like "Hitting" on the wall. It's really expensive to use "pop solver" to kill the FLIP. Hope there's another better way to do this.
  7. How to make flip fluid to form into a mesh?

    Not sure if this the effect you want or not. But I think using the "field force" in DOP can achive this. Here's a simple scene I just made. flipToMeshTest.hip