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  1. Hey Tomas Thanks for your help, works perfectly
  2. Hi Guys If anyone could help i would really appreciate it. For some reason on initial impact the sop solver doesn't dent the geometry even though it it shows it in impact data. The geometry dents no problem the second, third etc just not the first. Attached is a simple version of what I'm working on. Thanks for looking at my post sop_solver.hipnc
  3. Problems with chain link train derail

    Thanks again Mangi
  4. Problems with chain link train derail

    No problems. So I'm just trying to pull both boxes along then the pre fractured box to break on impact with the tube. Thanks you again For_Od_Force_v2.hipnc
  5. Problems with chain link train derail

    Hi Mangi, I was just wondering if you knew why RBD Fracture object don't seem to work with the RBD Hinge Constraint? I'm trying to pre fracture one of the boxes so when a sphere hits it the object it breaks apart whilst moving. Any ideas Thanks for your help
  6. Problems with chain link train derail

    Hi Mangi Thanks for your help i didn't realise a rbd hindge constraint existed. Thanks again Hemanth
  7. Hey Guys I'm having problems with giving two boxes, with a chain in the middle of them, the same characteristics as a train derailment. A object it hitting the train from the side, so all objects need to interact with one another. Attached is a simple file, if anyone one could help I would really appreciate it. Thanks Guys For_Od_Force.hipnc
  8. Need Help with this Effect !

    HI I'm quite new to Houdini and have a question about approaching elastic effect for a project. I have a mug object and I need to create an elastic effect for the handle as its being pulled how do I approach it. I have read few threads regarding this [http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=25343] but I got nowhere close to what I wanted. Which is the best way to approach it using fluids, cloth or rigging ? Ive attached a sample scene file. Thanks, If anyone could help I would much appreciate it. For_Odforce.zip
  9. Advecting polygon mesh with fluid velocity?

    Thanks a lot Filipp Elizarov for the quick reply ! really helpful !
  10. Advecting polygon mesh with fluid velocity?

    Hi Tomas ! It might sound stupid how do I cache out the geometry as bgeo that is attached to the flip object ?
  11. Iridescent shader

    Is there anyone who could help me convert and compile the file ? Cheers
  12. Iridescent shader

    Thanks Edward I tried that but gave me an error in "line 19" "vector hilite" and Thanks Szymon ! I had look at at long before, It mite sound stupid but I really dont understand the high level of physics ! sorry
  13. Iridescent shader

    Hi there ! I've been trying to achieve Iridescent shader for a beetle in houdini for a long time and have reached only at very basic shader as seen. I also found a rsl shader dev online http://www.sfdm.scad...nce_shader.html is there any way to convert this to vex ? Thank you !
  14. Viewport Rendering

    Thanks alot Tomas and Christian ! Problem solved ! Cheers
  15. Viewport Rendering

    Hey guys ! Is there any way to render just the viewport for breakdown purposes ?