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  1. I want to be able to export custom attributes from inside my own copy of the classic shader. I also want to be able to feed inputs into my custom shader, at the Material Network level. However, there appears to be a conflict. When there are no inputs at the Network level, then the custom attribute is visible in the extra image plane in my mantra node. However, as soon as I connect anything to any input at the Material Network level, then the custom image plane becomes black/zero. Any ideas? I have documented the example hip file with post-it notes, from scene level all the way down to the shader level for navigation. thanks customShaderMaterialArbitraryExportBug.v01.hipnc
  2. per point physical attributes (eg: friction)

    Has anyone been able to get friction attribute to work with the bullet solver? It works with the RBD mode in the rigidbodysolver node. However, if I switch it to Bullet, the blocks slide, ignoring the painted friction attribute. paint_friction_BulletNotWork.hipnc
  3. Guided Ocean Layer SIM missing frames

    I'm trying to sim waves lapping up onto large rocks jutting out of an ocean. The sim appears to be working. However, when I write out to a bgeo sequence, some of the files have low byte counts, and are correspondingly missing when you play them back. This was simmed on a machine with 24 processors and 20GB of ram. I'm going to try to increase memory to see if this fixes the problem. But it would be helpful if the hip file could write out more informative diagnostic information. How would one go about doing this? As the geometry rop doesn't inherit any log info from the source DOP. thanks devilsRock.waveSim.h16p5p378.v007.hipnc
  4. Houdini FEM stops at frame 800

    Great! I was running it on a host that only had 14GB ram. I'll try running it on a machine with more. much thanks!
  5. Houdini FEM stops at frame 800

    I am trying to sim a 1000 frames of a FEM coral with branches swaying in water currents. For some reason it freezes at frame 800. I checked all the DOP nodes, and couldn't find anything obvious. What am I missing? softCoral.FEM.paintWidth.h16p5p378.v27.hipnc
  6. How to Visualize Wind Force DOP?

    Thanks, but I want to be able to visualize the noise component of the wind force. I need to be able to visualize the scale of the noise, in order to fine tune my FEM sim. I'm trying to sim soft corals in a water current, and need to be able to see the scale of the noise, in relation to the coral branches.
  7. I'm trying to create a layered shader from two classic shaders. However, I noticed that the layered shader loses the point color and alpha information. Please refer to simplified example. The polygon sphere has varied point colors and Alpha. If you apply classicshader_A or classicshader_C, your see left side of the sphere is red, the right side is green, and the bottom is transparent. Which the material is inheriting from the point color and Alpha attributes. However, if you apply the layermix node, which combines the above classic shaders, you'll see the sphere changes to a solid pink, with solid alpha. How can I use the layer mix, while preserving point color and Alpha? What am I missing? thanks layeredShader.v01.hipnc
  8. How to Visualize Wind Force DOP?

    I want to be able to visualize a wind force with noise I'm using to make a FEM object with branches sway in a DOP. I tried to append a vector field visualization DOP and a scalar field visualization DOP. I can't get either of them to show up. I'd like to be able to display streamers that represent the wind, so I can adjust the size of the noise settings. Has anyone gotten this to work?
  9. Can't Bake CHOP in H16

    I want to be able to bake chop-driven animation at the object level.I created a simple hip file with an animated box to test.I have animation key frames on translation.I added a wave motion FX to tx.I tried the following:RMB over tx->Channels and Keyframes/Bake Keyframes…/Bake Keyframes on Selected SegmentsBake CHOP Exports to Channels/Bake, Keep Export FlagsBake CHOP Exports to Channels/Bake, Disable Export FlagsBake CHOP Exports to Channels/Bake, Create Delete CHOPS and Move Export FlagsNone of the above appear to work.What am I missing?Houdini version: 16.0.600thanks cantBakeChop.v01.hiplc
  10. volume matte example?

    According to the houdini documention: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/obj/geo [www.sidefx.com] For correct matte shading of volumes: Add the vm_matteshader property to the object. Create a Volume Matte shader. Set the density on this shader to match the density on the geometry shader. Assign this shader to vm_matteshader. Does any one have an example of a volume matte shader? I want to hold out particle renders with a volume hold out matte. i.e. where the density of the volume = 1, the particles are not visible in RGB and A. Where the density of the volume = 0, the particles are visible in RGB and A. And the particles are correspondingly partially visible for all values between 0 and 1. I'm trying to make particles partially visible behind a translucent object. Any pointers would be much appreciated. thanks
  11. Fisheye projection for the Viewport?

    Hi Mark, goldleaf was asking about custom projections in the houdini openGL viewport on my behalf. Thanks goldleaf! It sounds like from your description, unfortunately, it's currently not possible. However, I just wanted to check into your cubemap idea. Here is an article about how someone creates a real time openGL fisheye in unity: http://paulbourke.net/dome/unity3d/ i.e. 5 cameras facing outwards, each with a 90 degree fov. their resulting openGL views are then mapped onto a spherical piece of geometry with their UVs set appropriately, in front of the scene camera. Such that the scene camera sees the view of the 5 cameras mapped onto the spherical geometry in real time. Giving the illusion of a fisheye ray. Just wanted to check if there is any possibility of mimicking this approach, before closing this thread. thanks