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  1. What can I do with SideFX Web API?

    I imagined that, but I was still hoping it could fit my needs. Thank you for explanation @symek.
  2. Hi everyone, I was interested in creating a web service that would be capable of creating 3D geometries, and while reading Houdini docs I discovered about SideFX Web API. Unfortunately, it doesn't say much about what you can actually do with it and there's just one basic example, but in the Constructing API Requests section it says I can pass to the request: Does it refer to the HOM API? Meaning I can pass something like hou.node('/obj/geo1').createNode('box') Or I'm completely wrong? If so, what can I do with this Web API? Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Thanks for sharing this resource, and yes let's hope this will possible one day
  4. Hey Mandrake0, thank you. I've played with your HTTP server time ago, it's great, but it obviously has some delays, especially if the geometry is quite heavy. I'm trying to create a game, actually just experimenting at the moment, where the enviroment keeps mutating based on the user movement, action, ect. So having the Houdini Engine iteracting directly with the user input would have been the perfect solution with great result at no cost, but SideFX wants to make me code more Regarding your project, I don't think it would work in this case. I need something which updates in relatime.
  5. Hi everyone, I made an asset in Houdini, just a simple sphere, and exposed it's frequency parameter. I've loaded this into unity and I'm able to change the frequency in the editor with no problems. Is there any way I can do this at runtime too? Let's say creating a GUI slider which updates the frequency parameter of my sphere at runtime. I've searched online and it seems Houdini does not allow this, but I'm hoping I'm wrong or that someone as found a workaround.
  6. Thanks @Mandrake0! I'm actually trying to run houdini on a server and execute some commands through a web interface, so REST api might be very useful. Waiting for your update, thanks again
  7. Hi there, I was looking for a way to launch an Houdini' RPC server directly from a terminal window, without interacting with GUI at all. The documentation says I need to run Houdini and then from its python shell I have to start the server with the following commands: import hrpyc hrpyc.start_server() After that I can establish a connection to it from my terminal and start running my python scripts. Is it possible to start the server directly from the terminal? For my needs I'm trying to avoid interacting with the GUI and automate the whole process with python scripts. thanks in advance
  8. Yes attributetrasfer worked! thank you all for the help!
  9. Thanks teratera. Is that the only way of doing it? I'm not really expert with VEX language so I didn't understand some steps in the last wrangle node. Is there a way to make it work whitout scripting a lot?
  10. Hi there, here's my problem. Let's say I have a colored grid and I put all the white points in a group. I would like to change the color of the points in the group matching the closest points' color that are outside the group. I hope I have explained the problem clearly Thanks in advance for your help
  11. Thank you both. Didn't manage to make it in VOP SOP, but Skybar .hip seems to work fine. Thanks again
  12. Hi there, as title says, I want to create a different point group for each different color present in a mesh. Let's say I have a box with some points coloured blue and some red, I would like to create some operation which would give me 2 separate groups. Obviuosly I could do that easily in this case, specifying an expression in the group node, but what if my mesh contains hundreds of different colours? I would like to have as many groups as the number of colours, but I have no clue on how to achieve that. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help.
  13. Thanks Skybar, that worked too. I've realized that the problem was that I specified the "local variable name" in the attribadd with "$", that's the way it was giving me an error
  14. Brilliant, that worked. Thanks so much eetu
  15. But this will apply transformation just to that specified point isn't it? I want to apply transformation to the whole object