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  1. crowd render error

    I figured out what was causing the error in my renders. In the crowd source SOP in the source tab one of the bones was not correctly linked. It referenced the wrong part of a chain. All was fine when it was not yet cached but once it was written to disk it exploded (only in the renders) on some frames because the link was bad and the reference was gone.
  2. crowd render error

    I did uncheck (and reload) it but unfortunately it didn't change anything. It still gives me the render error after caching it to disk. I created a quick test scene with the standard mocapbiped character, cached it to disk and it renders fine. So my guess is that it is related to my custom agent or rig. However I don't see why then it would render fine from the dop I/O and not after caching.
  3. crowd render error

    Hi I have a problem when I am trying to render my cached crowd simulation. If I render the dopimport everything renders fine and I get a bunch of soldiers running around. Though as soon as I write my crowd sim to disk as bgeo or bgeo.gz (either using the ROP or the file node) and read them back in something strange happens. In the viewport everything still seems fine but as you can see in the image it does something strange during the render. If I cache my packed crowd sim to alembic it renders fine but it gets really slow and the file is huge compared to a bgeo sequence. So I would rather fix this problem of rendering the bgeo sequence. If I create any other packed object, it renders fine. It just seems to occur when I try to render a crowd simulation that is cached to disk. I am using H14.0.335 Does anyone know what is causing this and how to fix it? Thanks in advance!
  4. Multiple Materials on Crowd agents

    Those files are in the help examples. At least they are in H14.
  5. Multiple Materials on Crowd agents

    in the stylesheet example files there are 2 good examples of variance in shader or shader parms. Check the packed and the crowd stylesheet files.
  6. an update: Johnny Roek found the location of the override. It's in the htoa install folder /scripts/obj. If you delete the camera script then all seems fine again.
  7. Last week I installed htoa v1.6.1 for houdini 14.0.335 and it seems that it has overwritten my default camera. On startup the viewport displays "unable to set camera viewing parameters because some properties are missing". And whenever I create a camera it does not have any of the view or sampling parameters. Of course I can get these in the rendering parameters tab if I create a new camera but whenever I import for example an fbx it will not import these parameters so you can understand the problems I'm having. This morning I noticed my default camera nodes inside are missing as well so there is no immediate way to view the camera either.. both when I create a new camera as when I import one. .. So it seems as if the camera definition has been overwritten and I can't figure out how to reset it or define a new default camera.. Does anyone know why this happened and how to fix it? EDIT: uninstalling htoa seems to fix it and revert the camera changes. We really need to use arnold though so if anyone knows what is causing this, please let me know.
  8. Shattering an animated object in houdini 14

    There is a really good fxphd tutorial about this called Dynamic Rigging by Jens Martensson
  9. Aligning/snapping vertices?

    you could group them and set a y position for them with a point sop or in vops
  10. Houdini Flip Mesh Flickers

    Play with erode and dilate settings in vdb reshape SDF node and with the vdb smoothing iterations. You can increase the resolution of the vdb and perhaps use a point replicate so the splash areas have more points to sample from.
  11. I opened the file in 13.0.401 I noticed that too. I am pretty sure the collect node is causing it though and it has nothing to do with your nulls. It seems that it gives an error when similar particles are merged into the same stream. If you change the order in your collect node you'll see it gives an error in another part of the stream, it can't provide more than one input. For some reason though, disabling null 2 seems to fix one of those errors.. no idea why. But if you for example plug your null 3 in after the starburst instead of color_dead you see it will give the same errror and disabling won't fix it. I checked the fireworks otl (old popnet) in version 13 and it gives the same error when you try to get particles from the same stream into one collect node.
  12. I opened your file and it seems if you go inside the fireworks node and disable null2 it works fine even when you connect the null to the popnet.
  13. Floating object suddenly stops

    I had a similar issue with Bullet today where it stopped moving in a sim. Turns out it was caused by enabling sleeping. Not sure if that fixes your problem as well but might be worth unchecking Enable Sleeping in the Bullet Data tab or playing with the threshold settings.
  14. FX TD / Generalist - Jenny van Son

    Thank you! I really appreciate that.
  15. FX TD / Generalist - Jenny van Son

    Thanks Freek! I appreciate it. Hope you're doing well over there!