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  1. Color into smoke from combustion

    In DOP from a Gas Field Wrangle, you can add some value into the Alpha and in post-sim use the "volume ramp" node. You will be able to remap your scalar into vector color. In the Gas Field Wrangle your code would look like that: float temperature_temp = fit(clamp(@temperature, 0, 10000000), 0, 4, 0, 1); float burn_temp = clamp(@burn, 0, 10000000); @Alpha += (temperature_temp*burn_temp); Hope it help
  2. extract transformations

    If they are packed, you should be able to get the packedfulltransform in the primitive intrinsics.
  3. [Arnold] Point World/Pref in a shader

    To get it make work by default with HTOA or MTOA, make sure your "Pref" attribut is set as 3 float *position*. https://docs.arnoldrenderer.com/display/A5AFHUG/Noise **completely down the page**
  4. Hi Odforce, I am currently working on a shot that requires identical Mattes from a software to another. I use Houdini 12.5. Apparently Houdini has no direct implentation of Ptex. I searched and I found a way on the net by modifying the Mantra custom shader. It seems to work in part. I get a deformation from displacement, but not as much as the Mesh from Mudbox. Plus, the displacement creates little ''holes'' around the displaced areas. One of you has ever used Ptex with Houdini? What is the appropriate workflow for Ptex in Houdini? https://copy.com/mSjQbJCfMpLf Thank you very much for your help.
  5. Spray Render in Houdini 13

    Thanks, good to know! I had the same problem last night.
  6. Useful Pass for Particle effects

    Thanks for the tips Jason. Am probably right now in the ''some people" group. First of all, I think I have to know exactly what I need.
  7. Useful Pass for Particle effects

    Hi everyone! Am working right now on a shot. It's a sort of ink effect with a mix of millions of particles and wispy smoke. Am pretty PEON to particle rendering and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what are the most useful pass for particle effects. For the moment, the pass I will use are: -Beauty (constant shader) -Depth of field (grayscale) Technique based on this thread -----> http://forums.odforc... field__st__12 -Age (grayscale) -Shadows (still searching a good way to fake shadows) -RGB(3 lights) What is the best way to use this pass? Do I have to use those three channels separatly as a Mask? What are the most useful pass for particle rendering? Thanks ODFORCE.
  8. UpRes-initial state-Pyro**Issue**

    I searched on OdForce about SlowMotion and I probably found a solution for my problem. Instead of using the initial state and make my SlowMo by playing with the Scale Time on the DOPNetwork, I will simulate at real-time but with more substeps and then use a timeshift(integer OFF) to slowdown my sim. Plus, now I will be able to use the Upres to maximise the resolution. http://forums.odforc...ire#entry110195
  9. UpRes-initial state-Pyro**Issue**

    I rephrase my question : -What is the workflow if you want to do a UpRes fluid from a cached LowRes sim when you used the initial state on it? https://www.dropbox.com/s/hq32onq194hygql/Initial_state_issue.rar
  10. Hello OdForce! I have an issue with the initial state on the Pyro UPRES. The initial state from my LowRes sim doesn't seem to work with the UPRES Pyro solver. Instead of simulating from the Initial state it re-simulate from the beginning. I also tried to make another .sim file but now from the Upres DopNetwork and instead of continuing the sim( purpose of the initial state... ) it kind of glitching. Here's a flipbook------> https://www.dropbox....State_Weird.mov I could easily delete the glitching frames, probably ±10 frames(Scale time: 1) but am looking for a Slow-mo fire so I would have to delete maybe 40 frames or higher(Scale time: 0,2)with a High resolution. Is anyone has ever experienced this kind of problem? Thank you OdForce!
  11. Short and sweet OP centric lessons

    Thanks old school! I've learned so much!
  12. Foot_dust_effect - Problem

    Hi guys, Thank you for your fast reply. Am currently looking at the file, am sure I will learn a lot from it. I will post stuff as I progress. Thanks again Pier-Luc V.
  13. Foot_dust_effect - Problem

    Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to say that am a new Houdini user! I don't know if my problem is fairly easy to solve , but anyway. Am trying to create a sort of ''automated'' dust system for a chasing Shot. (school project) I would like to transfer the point color attribute from the animated foot to a grid. After that, I would like to isolate the colored points and then emit smoke from them. I searched and I founded that VOP sop could give me great result. I think the key is in the ''Cd[0],Cd[1],Cd[2]'', but i don't know how to use them correctly. I would like to know what is the best way to achieve this type of effect and if am on the track or not. Am very open to every solution. Foot_dust.hipnc Thank you in advance! Pier-Luc V.