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  1. HOT for h12

    hello, VEX Ocean (h_Oceaneval) works great. Ocean SOP doesn't work. using H12.0.543.9 ubuntu 10.04 thanks, bern
  2. HOT for h12

    Thanks, but when installing these I don't find them in Houdini... I did set the houdini_path environment variable bern
  3. HOT for h12

    Hello is it possible to post HOT for H 12.0.543.9 , Linux Ubuntu ? thanks, bern
  4. Linux

    Thanks for the great info... I have an nVidia card... Does Linux Ubuntu come with nVidia drivers and does nVidia work well with Ubuntu? bern
  5. Linux

    Hello, what's the best Linux platform (Fedora, Ubuntu, Red Hat,...) I want to get a little into Linux... thanks, bernard
  6. H6 Legacy Video Tutorials

    Hello, uploading would be a great thing. I'm looking for the "Realistic Arm Support" and 'Heel to Toe Support" files... thanks, bern
  7. Hello, where can I download the scene files for this tutorials? http://odforce.net/downloads/videos/v6/ thanks, bern
  8. HOT_1.0rc6_WIN32_vc8_H10.0.249.5

    hello, is it possible to compile this for the latest version H 10.0.306 , win32_VC8 ? thanks, bern
  9. Voronoi - dynamic - location based fracture (WIP)

    Hello , great tool.... does this work with H 9.5 or H 10 ? thanks, bern
  10. HOT_1.0rc6_WIN32_vc8_H10.0.249.5

    THANKS, bern
  11. HOT for H10

    Thanks, Hopefully someone is willing to compile this for H10, vc8 .... bern
  12. HOT for H10

    Hello, does this work for vc8 ? thanks, bern
  13. Massive Forum At Od[force]?

    Hello, Is it also possible to make hair and fur with Massive? How can you render an ambient occlusion pass with Massive? thanks, bern
  14. HOT for H10

    Hello, Sorry, but I don't know anything about compiling and stuff.... Maybe someone is willing to compile it for Windows XP 32? That would be nice.... thanks in advance, bern
  15. HOT for H10

    Hello , Is there already a version of HOT for Houdini 10? thanks, bern