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  1. Ok, i will prepare some after work, btw, I did not apply any shader, no material assigned to this volume, in general it should match at least close to what I saw in viewport right? I mean equal density setting.
  2. Yes, you are right, but still looks like more detail in viewport and less detail in render.
  3. I am new to volume render in Houdini, i have a problem, I have a basic smoke sim, from viewport the simulation looks high detail and very dense, when i use the according smoke import node which has a DOP I/O to render, I found the density is very weak and a lot of detail missing, even the shape is a little bit different, i do not know why.
  4. I understand, thanks for your kind answer man.
  5. I already have bgeo cache for deform collider and has 10substep on DOPNET still does not work.
  6. Thanks for your solution, which substep is suitable for my situation, I mean on DOP NET, I increase to 10 still miss collided, I will try your time blend, any setting i need to concern for time blend?
  7. Ok, btw, my deformation Lion is imported through ABC format, now I use 10 substeps on DOP, is it very high?
  8. I have a lion running in the snow ground, I make the lion a volume collider and the snow is based on pop solver through shelf sand tool, the lion it self move very fast, when his palm step into snow ground, the snow will bounce around, but when the palm is out of snow ground and hit the snow particles in the air, which in real life the snow collided with palm should shot forward, but since between two frames, the position of palm change too much, this kind of collision seems to be ignored, I keep increas substep in popsolver but can not solve the problem, anyone knows how to sole this?
  9. Thanks, I found that in version15 already have shelf tool to deactivate and wake up particles.
  10. For example if I fill a box with sand particles in it, and lay on top of a groundplane, when I start simulation, the particles outside will start to falling down by gravity which is not I want. I want to creat a big chunk of snow and a lion land off on it with its pawl push away the snow collided with it, but I do not want the rest of snow especially the outer part affect by gravity and collapse, anyone knows?
  11. Copy ramp in VOPSOP

    To be honest, I do not know how to do it manually......
  12. Copy ramp in VOPSOP

    How to copy ramp texture to another ramp, I key a ramp in ramp node, but I did not find a way to copy it out and paste on another.
  13. Most of the software can achieve sticking the particles to a deform geometry surface, but what if I want to scatter particles inside a geo instead of on its surface, my geo has animation and deformation, what I want is make all the particles follow the volume smoothly instead of jitting everywhere inside. Anyone has idea?
  14. I have a spherical object as collider, and cloth will collide with it, but when I switch on this option, the result is incorrect, I use Bullet solver for my object. If I leave it off by default, cloth will interset with collider a little bit t begin, later will show me fairly fucking up simulation.