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  1. H18 - Problem Panning with Wacom

  2. Thank you again konstantin magnus but this randomise here, i need just a Spanish Opening in chess where figures on their squares should stay )
  3. I've done this with "rivet" but its crazy))) May someone know easy way to do such effect?
  4. Hello konstantin magnus! Is the any way to copy chess figures on points?
  5. Wow!! Thanks a lot konstantin magnus!! If i do some tutorial for my youtube channel i put your name in discription! Good picture with tests!)))
  6. I just wont all figures permanently stay on they scuare and control this behaviour with "extrude sop" "distant scale".
  7. Hello Forum , i have a question. In project i need to put object on extruded face to move them together. I've done this with just main "dist parameter(float)" myself just add simple expression to "transform Sop" in translate Y It's work with little expression : bbox("../polyextrude ", -D_YMAX)-$YMAX+0.5 --- or --- ch("../polyextrude4/dist") But i go next level with this method and face to Wall of problem.. I try to extrude faces with distance scale "zscale" i've create attrib with "attrib wrangle" and simple expression "f@zscale = fit01(rand(@ptnum), chf('min'), chf('max'));" This works well, this expression move extruded faces randomly by Distance scale - ptnum, but i need to put object on extruded face to move them together. I try cople of methods but they didnt works. Please Help. Extrude_sop_zscale_dist_scale.mov
  8. Need help with loops and Foreach

    Please! Which version of houdini is it built? Every time I try to open a file in 15.0.274 a lot of errors will come out and in the end nothing will work!