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  1. problem with Mosaic Node

    Ran into the same issue that OP had. After a couple of hours of trouble shooting, the only way I could get it to work was to hit the play button and let it run through the whole frame range.
  2. Houdini, Algorithms and Python

    Thanks Manu, life is good again!
  3. Compiling shaders helps a lot.
  4. Hi! I'm using an attribwrangle on some geometry and when I try to loop through the neighbours and get their value 'foo', it returns zero where as looking at P returns (I'm assuming) the first/last P in the neighbour array. Anyone know what I can't read @foo? Thanks. @foo = 100; foreach(int i; neighbours(0, @ptnum)) { v@test_P = point(0, "P", i); @test_foo = point(0, "foo", i); } Solved thanks to Jacob - foo doesn't exist before the attribwrangle and point(0 ,"foo", i) is looking for the first input
  5. flip fluid sliding too much over ground

    You could build a field with stickiness only on the ground. There is an option to use a control field under the stick parameters.
  6. Ptex displacement-Houdini Workflow

    This workflow worked for me - http://www.tutorialized.com/tutorial/Ptex-workflow-%28Mudbox--Houdini%29/70299
  7. Do you have a hip file? Can't seem to recreate that issue. I know I've come across it before though. I get smooth results with this - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3wclDciEv7MNHZjdDVsZjlmaFk/edit?usp=sharing (uploading here seems to be broken)
  8. Traffic Lane Simulation

    Sounds like an opportunity to check out the Sensor Panorama VEX Nodes.
  9. Here's something I tried using the wire solver, hopefully it's a good place to start. I've only modified the damplinear attribute right now but you should play with the other ones too (should be in the help card/just mouse over them in elasticity on the wire object) Also try the fan force and playing with gravity to fake buoyancy and currents. anemone_v17_f.hip
  10. You might find a solution here - http://forums.odforce.net/index.php?/topic/11324-uniform-surface-scattering/page__st__12 You could also try a fuse with 'Keep Unused Points'.
  11. Setting a Tree on Fire from the Inside

    You could try transferring temperature by keeping the value from the last frame. Hope the file helps. fire_propogate_spread_v01.hip
  12. You can use the constant shader, no lights needed.
  13. Procedural Craters

    Thanks Jason! Great ideas, gonna try all that today!
  14. pops -> dops question

    $ID doesn't exist because it has to be created by the source. Looks like point() still might work if you give a specific point number. $P (for emitter point) doesn't look like it's there in h13.
  15. pops -> dops question

    Local variables like $PT can't be used in a pop source. A workaround for emitting based on a sop attribute is to delete the point / primitive that's not emitting. I've attached a file, hope it helps! pop_sop_attrib_emit.hip