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  1. Stack of fishes. FEM or Grain?

    Many Thanks, it's seems very promising. Is seems to be a little slower than grain sim.
  2. Hello, everybody. I Have to sim a big stack of dead fishes (~400) being spilled on the ground. I tried to duplicate one fish and use grain sim but I have a lot of jiggleness and the init time to obtain my pile is pretty long. Before going to far, is there a better approach? Is Fem better for this? Thank you. JoQ
  3. Thank you very much for your file, its working! I don't know why it is not rendering with mine, but I will investigate. I tried to instanciate directly on rbd packed sim file, but I may convert this to a pointcloud.
  4. Thank you for your reply. Don't know if I am dumb or what.. So I have put this in a PointWrangler: I obtain a good result in the Geo speadsheet: As said, i add instance to my geo and set "Fast point instancing" but nothing appears at render time, and the console sent me a weird message: I don't know where the "/obj/wall/foo/" part of the instance path string came from. I use H16.0.557 and htoa 1.14.3
  5. Hi, Is it still impossible to make instance load from the drive? It seems that we still have to point on geo containers under /obj/.