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  1. inherit velocity RBD Packed Object

    Wow, ok... so I just learned something new again I apologize to @cwhite I just need to be properly educated Thanks again @julian johnson
  2. inherit velocity RBD Packed Object

    @cwhite - Thanks for the help, I tried to set the animated value but it didn't work out. The solutions mentioned above worked out.
  3. inherit velocity RBD Packed Object

    @cwhite I'm using 16.0.608 am I missing something though in my setup? The active attribute starts at 0 and at some frame later changes to 1, but the velocity doesn't transfer.
  4. inherit velocity RBD Packed Object

    @julian johnson - I saw the post here so I decided to try it. It worked, so I went ahead and tried some other things outside of using wrangles to see what I could accomplish and I get some odd results. I'll take a look at his H16 file and see if anything else is going on...I'll check yours too when I get home.
  5. inherit velocity RBD Packed Object

    @julian johnson I looked at the file, it wasn't what I was looking for....for whatever reason, it's not keeping the initial velocity on the pieces when they are inactive. I want the velocity to take off as the objects become active. It doesn't matter whether I inherit velocity or even use the velocity on the rbd packed object to do it, it just won't do what I want.
  6. inherit velocity RBD Packed Object

    @Dam: When I was looking at the spreadsheet in the DOP network, I noticed using the active attribute that the velocity was being reset as opposed to when I didn't explicitly define that attribute and using the sop solver... @Varishtraheja: Not what I wanted. The animation needs to break apart like it's being affected by wind. Look at this:
  7. inherit velocity RBD Packed Object

    Hello everyone... I have a problem with an RBD packed object inheriting velocity. In the file, I have the attribute active being set by another object, but the velocity doesn't kick in at all. The velocity works if I remove the point wrangle setting active to 0 and remove the sop solver. If I try a pop vop or a geo vop, there's some weird velocity behavior that happens. If I tick on override attribute, the velocity takes off big time and doesn't appear that gravity takes hold. All I'm looking for is initial velocity once the pieces become active. I saw a few threads on the side fx forums and this forum, but nothing I saw seems to be working. Any thoughts? test_active_velocity.hipnc
  8. Houdini and MP3

    I don't know what I did the first time I tried to convert it to a .wav file, but this time it worked... this is wierd... Thanks for the help!
  9. Houdini and MP3

    I did a search for MP3 and nothing came up... I'm wondering why Houdini would be able to read the sound from one MP3 but not another even though nothing errors out? It's just one MP3 file too...so I'm not sure why there's nothing that comes up in the time slider....I made sure the windows permissions on the files were the same, it plays in Windows Media Player just fine... so I'm out of answers....
  10. Flip collisions with VDB

    Thanks for the help Dam... it looks like I just need to get rid of the velocity after I write it out and bring it back in.... I think it's coming from the point vop and it's just not really writing it out from the dop network... or just use that trail sop before bringing it into the flip sim.. either way, we figured it out!
  11. Flip collisions with VDB

    That's what that is.. POP Advect by Volumes... that's why it was plugged into the third input... I'm grabbing the velocity volume from the ocean source node and blast anything not @name=vel.*
  12. Flip collisions with VDB

    Ok, so... I just did a quick test with the popadvectbyvolume in both inputs and removing it altogether with and without the trail sop, and on my end, without that trail sop on the unpacked object... the fluid collapsed....without the trail sop.... it's wierd
  13. Flip collisions with VDB

    Here's my file with that... I'm going to do some more tests with the popadvectbyvolume in the particle velocity input and see what that does...that's interesting flip_tests2.hipnc
  14. Flip collisions with VDB

    Ok, so ... after looking at your files, I decided to do a little troubleshooting on my own based off your findings....and It looks like all I needed to do was add a trail sop in..and it wouldn't make the volume collapse... Now, as far as the collision separation, I played around turning it on and off and matching the vdb resolution to that value... what I found was that even though it didn't affect the particles (as long as I had that trail sop in) it still showed slightly weird behavior if I didn't match the resolutions.. if I made collision separation different than the particle separation, I would still get a little weird behavior... So... Add a trail sop after the animated objects before bringing them into flips... vdb resoltuion = collision separation = particle separation