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  1. Spars solver rest position?

    Thank you! I will try that.
  2. Spars solver rest position?

    Hi, I'm trying to export rest attribute from pyro(Sparse) sim, but it looks like Sparse solver doesn't have rest/dual rest anymore. Have anyone tried it? How can I get rest position if I'm using sparse solver? Thanks!
  3. no module named error

    It worked, I didn't think of python would not recognize the commend. Thank you:)
  4. no module named error

    I'm trying to import my python function ttt.py from shelf, ---this is ttt.py in my home folder, def test(): print "ddd" ---this is in my shelf script, import sys import os.path sys.path.append("$HOME/houdini15.0/script(->where my scripts are )") import ttt --- but I get the error, "no module named ttt". I tried ( from ttt import * ), but same error. How can I fix this?
  5. scatter points with age/life?

    Thank you!
  6. scatter points with age/life?

    Hi, I'd like to get scatter points working like popnet with its age, life etc. I created age, life attributes with attribute wrangle inside of solver, but looks like the point ID had a problem. It doesn't work like pop network. I attached the file below, Any idea or advise will be appreciated:) pointWithAge.hip