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  1. Bullet Soft Bodie in Houdini ?

    Pavel as usual , i reckon
  2. Pyro solver - difference between inputs

    this vimeo video explains it better it is in russian , , but have english subtitles
  3. Pyro solver - difference between inputs

    correct me if i am wrong , from what i understand , a quick explanation to this is , the solver is composed of many parts which is solving the navier stokes equation for fluids , according the the equation the velocity is solved and updated at every point , so post solve and pre solve are computed before and after solving the field , which then updates the position /density/pressure etc of the point update velocity modifies the solved velocity field and advection uses this velocity field to advect the input points around using this filed , of course there is more to solving the navier stokes equation , just to explain what these inputs are on this solver more in depth explanation can be found here Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Navier%E2%80%93Stokes_equations Flow velocity[edit]The solution of the Navier–Stokes equations is a flow velocity. It is a field, since it is defined at every point in a region of space and an interval of time. Once the velocity field is calculated, other quantities of interest, such as pressure or temperature, may be found. This is different from what one normally sees in classical mechanics, where solutions are typically trajectories of position of a particle or deflection of a continuum. Studying velocity instead of position makes more sense for a fluid; however for visualization purposes one can compute various trajectories. General continuum equations[edit]Main article: Derivation of the Navier–Stokes equations See also: Cauchy momentum equation § Conservation form The Navier–Stokes momentum equation can be derived as a particular form of the Cauchy momentum equation. In an inertial frame of reference, the conservation form of the equations ofcontinuum[disambiguation needed] motion is:[2] Cauchy momentum equation (conservation form) where is the density, is the flow velocity, is the del operator. is the pressure is the identity matrix is the deviatoric stress tensor, which has order two, represents body accelerations (per unit mass) acting on the continuum, for example gravity, inertial accelerations, electric field acceleration, and so on.
  4. vdbfromparticlefluid mesh - texture sliding

    Hi David, thanks for the valuable info
  5. vdbfromparticlefluid mesh - texture sliding

    Hey fathom, thanks , but this method would not solve the stretching issue , a normal uv texture node would work if the liquid surface is not stretched out
  6. Hello i am converting vdbfromparticlefluid for the mesh surface and trying to add an arbitrary texture to the meshed surface, and as you guessed right the texture slides as expected, tried rest sop , and did not work , any other way to make an external texture stick to the generated mesh surface If some of you have tackled this issue any insight on this would be great Cheers, J
  7. Is it beneficial to build custom solvers?

    my 2 pennies worth , correct me if i am wrong , aren't most of the solvers from the shelf , built from multiple solvers , it depends on the type of task you are involved with , if it needs tweaking then by all means , for instance if the existing solvers are slow for the task involved , then you can strip it down to basics and for speed and efficiency , or build no top of them personally would go for the simple approach and start adding nodes as and when needed
  8. Dune sand

    dont have H15 , but will look at the hip file and give you a shout when i can , if that is ok for you J
  9. Exporting Houdini Particles to Maya

    If rendering in Maya with Arnold , reckon H2A would do a good job of it, or H engine will do the job as well , and H Engine costs arent that high so it could be used to export HDA , export volumes , particles and geo , so would be a good investment Cheers, J
  10. Dune sand

    Done some cleanUp , see if its what you are after J Scene_Desert_37_CleanUp.hipnc
  11. Dune sand

    or if you want to lock the alembic node Right Mouse Button and lock the file and send it
  12. Dune sand

    Hey Jose, for the alembic bit , convert that into a bgeo -> file write , and file read and lock the node and send it across , for the scene scaling , as general method , if you are importing from maya and rendering it in mantra , its better to have the camera and objects scaled down in maya and bring it back into houdini with the scale that you want, not a good idea to scale the houdini camera send me the locked dune file and will have a look at it Cheers, J
  13. vex point wrangle question

    Hi Atom, thanks for the reply , another tip from Pavel , and did this before sim and works like a charm post solve in wrangle node added these ... i@keepAlive = 0; if(length(v@v)>.005){ //above threshold v@Cd = {0,1,0}; i@keepAlive = 1; } // Below threshold, check for color. else { if (@Cd != {0,1,0}) { i@dead = 1; } else { i@keepAlive = 1; } }
  14. vex point wrangle question

    Hi folks, i have a vex question , basically i am colouring all points which have a value greater than .005 , and delete ones which does not have the colour , but the ones which have colour should not die at all , even when it reaches a velocity below .005 ? any ideas ? in a point wrangle int @idval ; int @newVal; if(length(@v) > .005) { @idval = @id; @Cd = {0,1,0}; @dead = 1; if((@idval == 0) && (length(@v) == 0)) { @newVal = @idval; } } thanks,
  15. Haha ha man your post made me crack up ....whatever problem (most of my post is about problems .... Guy with problems .... so common .... ) well to answer your question , use particle liquid for foam generation, get your vdb in the foam bit to a lower value , then you would get dish soap look good luck