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  1. How to fill a box with RBDs?

    Hi there, I've done this in C4D and I'm trying to replicate it in Houdini (see attached). I'm very very very new to Houdini though.... I've tried loads fo things but the results were not great. Is there a "simple" way to do it? Basically, in C4D I have a particle emitter that only emits static particles. From each one of these particles, an RBD clone is created and affected by the forces, by the end I want it to fill the sceeen. It's very easy to do in C4D but very slow to calculate and not that stable unless I up the samples quite a lot. I hope someone can help. Tks! Wave_Sim_16-9__RnD.mp4
  2. Need some expert help :)

    Hi everyone, I'm a 3D Generalist in PiranhaBar mainly working with Maya, I;ve played around with Houdini but don't know much. We are looking into the best solution to create a colored powder explosion like the attached image. I've tried with Maya fluids and it's a pain, slow and unpredictable. at least that was the experience I had, I'm not a Fluid expert by no means. Then the particle system in Maya doesn't help either. I come from Softimage ICE and the difference is uge. Do you guys recon this would be possible with Houdini? Not so much the Particle debris but the fluids cloud sim. Would be great to know your opinion. Tks
  3. Hi, I'm pretty new to houdini so probably this is very basic.How can I control the direction of the wind field with the direction of an object?I hope someone can helpTks!
  4. Ok so, let me see if I understand. You used a SOP solver so you can use the Geometry (SOP level) to the simulation?
  5. I really appreciate your help, I'm studying what you did and most of it makes sense. Would be hard to get there alone with the knowledge I have now.
  6. Cool, so you replaced the DOP net that I had in the file?
  7. Im attaching my file. I want to use that object to control the wind force on a field of grass. A part of it it's working. I can affect the hair using the volume of the object and with your help I can get the vel. But I don't know how to pass that value, per point, to the Wind Velocity. CHOPS might be the solution, I've watched and read loads of stuff by now but I still can't figure it out. WindDirection.hipnc
  8. How can I pass that v value to a DOP's network wind velocity?
  9. Really cool, I still have soooo much to learn.... tks!
  10. Ok I did it. Tks! But now I'm trying something a bit different. Now I would like to find the velocity of the faces of a rotating object. Then This object will be a volume that will control the amount of wind on a grass field, this part is working, I just need to be able to transfer the velocity vector of the poly faces to the wind direction. I think I'm almost there. I've attached a simple scene ObjectVelocity.hipnc
  11. Tks, but I'm not sure I can do all that. I'm missing some basics. Can you upload a simple scene? Tks!
  12. Hi, I'm pretty new to houdini so probably this is very basic.How can I control the direction of the wind field with the direction of an object?I hope someone can helpTks!
  13. H16 - Hair Dynamics fields

    Hi, Is it possible in H16 to use an external field to affect the Hair Guide dynamics? Like for example a Vortex Force. Tks Cheers!
  14. H16 - Hair Dynamics fields

    I figured it out. Tks Grass_RnD_001.hipnc
  15. H16 - Hair Dynamics fields

    I cant actually make this work on a Hair Sim. See attached. Hair_DOPMask.hipnc
  16. H16 - Hair Dynamics fields

    Cool tks!
  17. H16 - Hair Dynamics fields

    Ok this is a dumb question , I'm very new to Houdini. I'll try to explain exactly what I want to achieve. I want to create a field of grass using hair and affect a group of hairs with a volume and a falloff. So only the hairs inside that volume will be affected by the wind. In Maya or Cinema 4D when we create a force field we can choose it's shape, how can this be done in Houdini? Tks!
  18. Flip Fluids meshing help

    Hi, I've been a Softimage/Maya user for quite some time but only Maya now, unfortunately. When doing dome RnD with Bifrost, the new fluid sim in Maya, I was quite disappointed. I know that there will be a big change in the next versions but for now it it lacks some tools and it's not reliable, in my view, for production. So basically we, at work, decided to go with Realflow for now. But I installed Houdini Apprentice as have been playing around and I'm liking it a lot! The first think I've tried was the Flip Fluid Flat Tank. Im trying to do a Mermaid coming out of a lake, but the lake needs to be quite big because of the camera angle (check the attached images) and the Mermaid only interacts with a little part of it. So I only need detail where the Mermaid will appear, how would you approach this without being too technical? A big sim pond but with detail only where the splash occurs. Maybe some tut that I could watch? In the attached images the weird object would be the mermaid coming out of water. Tks!
  19. Flip Fluids meshing help

    Cool, cheers!