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  1. Houdini Journey

  2. $PR in soft transform not accessible

    Hi Chris, I have a setup with bunch of merged curves as input. Per curve (primitive) I have a soft transform radius encoded as primitive attribute. Now in the soft xform I wanted to read per-prim radius and apply to the points of merged curves. I can't do ForEach because before feeding into soft xform I am connecting the curves at their intersections, and ForEach somehow destroys those connections. So, I tried to do, prim(opinputpath(".", 0), $PR, "radius", 0) This failed due to $PR not available to soft xform. However if I used whatever primitive number 0,1, 2..., it works fine but applies that radius to all the prims. In the end, I ended up doing soft xform before connecting the curves which worked for my purpose. Thanks
  3. $PR in soft transform not accessible

    Nope. They haven't implemented this in H14.
  4. $PR in soft transform not accessible

    Ok. I'll test it in H14. Thanks
  5. Hello, Is there any reason why $PR and $PT are not available in parms of SoftTransform? Or is it just me? Thanks
  6. You know you're a true Houdnik...

    - When you subconsciously keep pressing "tab" to create nodes in Unreal engine or any other node based editor and wonder why doesn't it work. And after realizing you think, why don't they add tab menu as a feature. - When you hesitate to collapse modifier stack in 3ds Max, wishing that maybe there is a chance to "simulate" node graph in there, and then get disappointed miserably.
  7. What are good uses of Name SOP?

    Sorry for late reply. That makes perfect sense and works too. Thank you.
  8. I understand the benefits over group SOP but is Name SOP as versatile as Group? Any good examples in modeling context would be great. Thanks
  9. Reference to current HDA

    That worked. Thanks for the link.
  10. Reference to current HDA

    Hello I am writing a python script to run upon OnUpdate event of HDA. How can I get a reference to the asset definition of the HDA inside which I am writing code? i.e. this_hda = ? definition = this_hda.type().definition() Thanks
  11. Custom location for shelf files

    After augmenting the variable like you mentioned, it keeps all default shelves. But it doesn't seem to scan shelves stored at new location. I added a shelf at new location but after relaunching it says "Cannot find the definition of the shelf ..." Also, where does Houdini store the info about newly added shelf. e.g. If you want to populate new shelves or new tools in those shelves based on some external pipeline tools, which config files are the ones to look into? Thanks
  12. Hello, I am creating a digital asset at /obj level rather than geometry level. This is to be able to have multiple geometries inside a master HDA. When I create HDA inside Geometry node, the subnet and resulting HDA don't have any parms. However, when created at /obj level the HDA keeps parms under "Transform" and "Subnet" tabs. How can I get rid of those? Deleting them in Operator Type Properties doesn't help. Only folders are removed but all parms remains. Thanks
  13. Custom location for shelf files

    Do you mean like below? HOUDINI_TOOLBAR_PATH = "D:/Houdini_Tools/Python/Shelves";& Thanks
  14. Hello, How can I set additional custom paths for shelf files? Right now all custom tools are stored at $HOME/houdini13.0/toolbar & packaged tools must be somewhere in $HFS. But I would like to setup a different location (let's say where I store all GitHub files), in addition to the custom path. How can I do that? I tried by adding setting $HOUDINI_TOOLBAR_PATH inside houdini.env file. But that overrides all other tool paths, and when I relaunch Houdini, there are basically no shelves there. How do you guys setup shelf deployment which also works with Perforce or other version control? Thanks