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  1. Dynamic Bullet Constraints

    I suggest you check this scene https://github.com/pedohorse/educational-hips/tree/master/throwing_knifes
  2. How to approach Flour in Houdini

    "Grain Solver or the Vellum one?" if you have a good GPU go for vellum, if not, grains is still a solid option. "Also, after all, I need to use a custom Force to "Explode" some Grains in the air, because it seems impossible to happen with just the ball collision." True, this is the way You need a mid-res grain simulation with decent motion + upresing on top of it + additional particles simulation.
  3. bounding box orient to emitter pyro

    Hey Isah, I got the same result in both cases (just the container rotates) which houdini version do you use?
  4. Hi Voxel, I hope this can help you) curve_noise.hipnc
  5. Accurated mix colors in Flip

    An interesting approach from the last Siggraph https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=3214767
  6. HDK Nearest point

    thank you for a reply right, I'll check this Anyway, I'm not sure about the approach I'm using. Ideally, I need an array with some closest points
  7. Hello, I started learning hdk. I need to find a nearest point, what the best way to do this? I have an example code in attachments. But it doesn't work as expected. Thanks sandDunes.cpp sandDunes.h
  8. How to Stop Jittering Particles

    sometimes it happens if you use jitter in the source. Try uniform distribution of points
  9. Hey Jim, I hope that's what you need. 3d_dash.hiplc
  10. Volume density from texture?

    Hello, here is some of my attempts to do something similar. But I can't get a similar level of detalization in mantra. If somebody can suggest some tips it wound be amazing volume is still a little bit blurry, I guess it could be because of texture resolution vol-0001_volume_v01.hip
  11. Deform Groom curve stretching

    Hey Ray, I had the same problem actually. I had wire simulation and collision with vdb. Didn't solve it really, but if you'll try to use 'ray intersect' as a collision method increase substeps check scene scale and all parameters. it could work
  12. Accurated mix colors in Flip

    Hey I asked about similar effect some time ego and I've reached result but not really what I need hope it will help, and someone will answer
  13. FLIP Divergence Question

    Hey, just did some tests and everything works fine for me 1. you need to initialize a `divergence field` attribute (for example in attribute wrangle @divergence = 10;) 2. you need to turn on a "add divergence filed" parm in the flip object 3. in the flipsolver - divergence. the divergence by attribute parm must be turned on as well
  14. volume noise follow particles

    not really clear without a scene file you can pass vel attribute to the noise amplitude and add fit node to control it
  15. Advecting Pyro with Object (Help)

    Hey Cristina, slightly complicated scene for an example Also, skull geo will be helpful. You can lock any geo in the scene through a node's flag or a new cool 'stash' node you don't need the static solver in the dop anymore in the static object turn off object transform and make "obj path" parameter empty a static object has an ability to grab vel from collision object, probably you don't need source volume turbulence 100 is tooooo much you don't have a temperature so buoyancy is useless