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  1. Hi Diego, sorry for late reply. Here's the scene file. I found it couldn't easily be solved through the stick node after I check this discussion, http://forums.odforce.net/topic/15197-houdini-viscosity-flip-stick-on-object/?hl=%2Bflip+%2Bfriction. I was trying to make the blood slowly slide on the surface. Since it's a fast-moving geometry,I don't know how to deal with. Also the face geometry is not in use, so I couldn't use the wetmap trick. Please point me a direction if you have any thoughts, thanks. blood_setup_odforce.rar
  2. Hi guys, Thanks all. I solved the problem by modify the Normal Scale under the Stick on Collision tab. Normal Scale - Scale the amount of velocity adjustment in the direction normal to the collision surface. I couldn't figure out how it works, but here is the result. Please let me know if you have any info about Stick on Collision section, thanks again.
  3. Hi, I'm currently working on a blood scene. My goal is to make the blood slide along the surface of head, then drop on the ground at a certain position. So far, my flip went down on the ground strightly without any attachment with the surface. I'm wondering if it's a problem about my surface position, emitter style, or phisical settings. Now I'm trying to direct the flip by the custom normal, but I couldn't get it work. Could anyone give me a hint to approach this kinds of effect? thanks. blood_spiting.hip
  4. Hi, I've assigned an fast velocity force in the pyro dop, then I got a very pixelated result like the example below. I followed the thread to add max substep, and change the type of advection method to my dust. It seems help by give it a large number of advect CFL or change the advection method to single step, but those noisy dots are still inside of the volume. What do I need to fix if I want to keep the speed and size of the dust? Thanks for any help. grounddust_odforce.hip