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  1. Ryan Coster: LEAD FX TD: FX Concept & Design

    @Daryl Dunlap I think it's easier to get remote work after you have been in the industry for as long as Ryan has. When you have worked in many studios you get to know most people that work in this small industry so you'll be able to more easily get remote work, and having a lot of experience definitely helps. There is ton of work out there for FX Artists, but it's definitely hard to work remotely if you have no experience. Ryan, impressive work!
  2. how to create Ink in water

    Lot of great techniques here in my friend's blog http://pepefx.blogspot.ca/
  3. Fluid tutorials?

    Fluid is a bit generic as a term... If you wanna learn about Smoke/Explosions then I would suggest Steven Knipping tuts on CGcircuit. If you wanna learn FLIP, CGsociety and GoProcedural on Vimeo are you best bet. Good luck and happy learning
  4. FX TD/Artist Diego Grimaldi Looking for work

    Hey all, I am an FX TD and artist currently looking for work in Canada, Europe or remotely. Email me at: grimaldi.diego@gmail.com This is my latest reel
  5. Neill Blomkamp & Oatstudios

    Alex Lombardi is one of the FX Artists there (maybe the only one), they have a small CG team, you can see some videos shots inside the studio on youtube
  6. Blade Runner 2049

    my friends at DNEG are doing crazy OT for this movie, not sure which other vendors is working on it, but you can just find out on IMDB
  7. I'm confused about a School

    Find a job in 3D? in FX? Or in what field? For a job in FX you need a strong reel, not just some still renders. For other kinds of jobs, I'm not sure, maybe you can get an internship. You can try applying for SESI internships I guess, not really sure. Good luck
  8. I'm confused about a School

    Hey man, your work is pretty good and it seems like this school is not that great based on the videos you posted and the link. Maybe you should look into other schools? The Animation Workshop in Denmark is quite well known worldwide, maybe that'd be a better choice? Or maybe you should just take online courses, it really depends what field in the 3D world you want to explore. Good luck!
  9. a bundle of fun houdini vids i've done

    awesome stuff Anthony!
  10. Lighting and Rendering in Mantra Tutorial

    Cool, yea I totally understand! It'd be nice to have a solid good tutorial on how motion blur works and why it works that way! Curved motion blur is indeed important. Thanks for the replies @bandini, sounds like a really well thought out tutorial
  11. Lighting and Rendering in Mantra Tutorial

    Adam, thanks for the explanation! Well I feel like many people think that accurate motion blur is achieved by putting down a trail sop, adding v and that's the end of it, which in some case is necessary but not always "proper" motion blur. For rendering vdb meshes you either need a trail sop or transfer v from particles, but in other cases there are more accurate ways to do motion blur. Also with packed prims and packed fragments the story gets a bit more complicated, but your info on the motion blur sounds interesting. Doing velocity vector as AOV is very helpful, it'd be great to showcase how to do that with volume, cuz even that is another beast! Thanks
  12. Lighting and Rendering in Mantra Tutorial

    That looks amazing Adam! I hope u did a good chapter on Motion blur because there's a lot of misconception about it and I'm lucky to have learnt about it from some smart people at Dneg. Accurate motion blur is not always as easy as it should be!
  13. While I totally agree with what Michael wrote above, I also agree with the articles on gridmarkets written by a great FX artist and CG sup http://www.gridmarkets.com/david-cunningham
  14. camera frustum on pyro sim

    Hey Nicola, I asked the same thing a few years back, check out this thread It's mainly a clip sop node inside the resize Dop
  15. Learning Paths Houdini experience

    @majstorovichyou should check out @varomixtutorials