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  1. Compensate DOP Scale Time

    You can use the timescale on the Flip Solver for that!
  2. Volume Source as Collision

    is the name on the field correct? Did you check the gradient of the volume?
  3. Whitewater for High-Pressure Water Simulation (Fire Hydrant)

    Yea the easiest would be to have different layers of water and blend in comp as you see fit
  4. Whitewater for High-Pressure Water Simulation (Fire Hydrant)

    hey @zbugni, If you have the FLIP working how you want it, you should try to use that instead of making whitewater. Don't mesh the FLIP but treat it as whitewater. Render the FLIP as particles and/or as rasterized volumes and you'll have the look you want from the picture. Make sure you are using the whitewater shader though
  5. whitewater of emit particle fluid error

    Maybe your velocity is screwed up?
  6. Flip Fuid Volume Loss

    So, first of all, you should resize everything to real world scale, having the cup 1m long is insanely big, make the cups like 10Cm in height and scale everything else from there. About having high res surface, you totally can, just gotta balance the attributes on the FlipObject correctly. Usually you should tweak the particle separation and not mess with Grid Scale and Particle Radius Scale, but sometimes that's necessary, depending on what you are working on and the amount of reseeding (if ON). I don't know of a perfect way to balance all the attributes, just gotta play with them and figure it out
  7. Flip Fuid Volume Loss

    Hey @scaduxx The resolution of your sim is actually too high, so because reseeding is OFF, what's happening is that after you stop emitting particles, the particles just start overlapping themselves because their collision radius is actually very small and it looks like you lose the volume, but the particles are just on top of each others. I can't paste the scene back but this is what u should do to make it work. Increase the extrusion of the glasses because otherwise the liquid leaks out Particle separation set to 0.04 and Part Radius Scale to 2 Turn ON reseeding and bring Particles per voxel to 16 and death threshold back to default. I also turned on Surface Tension because I like tendrily liquids Also your scene scale is quite wrong, you should work at life size, but that's another story Good luck
  8. Flip Fuid Volume Loss

    Chances are the reseeding is screwing you over, but without a hip file, hard to detect
  9. Flyaway particles in viscous FLIP

    Glad I could help! Thanks for the compliments XD but I'm nowhere near as good as bunch of people on this forum or the discord..but I've had tons of battles with FLIP and always made it to the other side! Good luck on your quest!
  10. Flyaway particles in viscous FLIP

    Hey @bentway23 you shouldn't need to crank the particle separation that much. Try to have the scene scale to correct scale or slightly bigger (blood wound maybe make it half a meter or 0.5 houdini unit) To make it more stringy try to increase the density on the physical tab of the flip object to maybe 2500 or so. Try to use a bit of viscosity and some surface tension but those parms shouldn't need to go crazy high. But the main thing is to have some very good velocity to have a nice burst so it doesn't explode but it makes some interesting shapes Something like this for the velocity If you can post a sample scene (not the one u r working with) I can debug it for u
  11. A Discord for Collaborations!

    Hey @juicysoup I'd suggest you to also check out Artella, in case you want to collaborate on animation projects!
  12. Limit dynamic fracturing of packed primitives?

    Hey, Active region at that point is your friend. Use an attribute and transfer the attribute from the ball to the wall when the ball hits the wall so the wall goes from passive to active and you can control how wide the area becomes with AttribTransfer
  13. How to extrude/stretch volume on Y axis

    If you are trying to do an actual Aurora Borealis FX, I'd suggest you go on a different way. You can make the geo you want so it looks like the ribbons in the sky and then convert it to volume with a bunch of attributes and gradients for color, noise and the like. Does that make sense?
  14. Thistle One

    Hey all, this is a collaborative project directed by Bobby Beck from Pixar (ex employee) and a bunch of artists from all over the world. My role was FX lead/sup so I did both shot works and lead roles on the FX side. All done in Houdini and rendered in Arnold. Thanks for watching and feel free to share it all over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sl0J4XoARjk
  15. Ryan Coster: LEAD FX TD: FX Concept & Design

    @Daryl Dunlap I think it's easier to get remote work after you have been in the industry for as long as Ryan has. When you have worked in many studios you get to know most people that work in this small industry so you'll be able to more easily get remote work, and having a lot of experience definitely helps. There is ton of work out there for FX Artists, but it's definitely hard to work remotely if you have no experience. Ryan, impressive work!