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  1. Hello colleagues, to open scene and render it in python shell My script looks like this: and i become the next error: What is the workaround? Thanks for the answer!
  2. Hi all! I trying to generate a mocap rig. Ive a FBX with animation. When I generating a mocap rig - It works - I get the new asset with the Mocap skeleton within. But I Don`t understand, how can I make a body Parts mapping. I found this description on sesi forum: - Confusing part: Mapping all the parts on the toon character to the skeletal structure. You interactively pick what maps to what bone in the viewport. You can map multiple parts of the rig to the same bone since for example the toon guy has 5 parts to his spine and the dancing guy only has 3. Once done you can save the settings for reuse on similar names skeletons. Load the attached toon_bindings.py file for example. But I don`t understand how can I "interactively pick". WHich Tool or Mode I need to "pick" the body parts? Sorry for the dummy question:-)
  3. Bidirectional setup for the joint chain

    Lets try to find the answer! I think - this could be a very cool solution!
  4. Hi All! I`ve a question. Is there some way in Houdini to setup a bidirectional setup for the joint chain. Like in Motion Builder. For example, I want to move a arm controller, and if it goes farther as a staight arm, the spine joints go with it. If i move a spine, the arm become moving with the arm controller. Any ideas?
  5. How to "convert" a Squishy object to RBD

    Thank you!!! it works really good!
  6. Hi All! I`ve a tricky question. I get a some geometry generated in one DOP network by SOP Solver. I trying to make a second Layer Network, where the new SOP Geometry must become a RBD Fracture Object. My problem is, that a calculate a frame, where the second simulation must start from the first network. I save a geometry generation time in Dop datafield. then read this frame in expression like this: if(dopoption("dop1", "OBJ", "GenInfo", "IsGenerated"), dopoption("dop1", "OBJ", "GenInfo", "StartFrame"), 1000) Because on start of simulation I dont know, at which time the geometry going to be generated. But if I use this expression on DOP Network Start Frame parameter, I get always 1000. is there some way to solve it procedurally?
  7. String Attribute: Convert to Integer

    I cleared the question by myself! It is possible by using of atof() expression function
  8. Hi All! I`ve a small question. Is there the way to convert primitive string attribute to primitive int attribute? Attribute contain the string like "7". Thank you in advance!
  9. This is not what I really want. If I write this on Hscript, I must just query current node, like this: set SOP = `oppwf()` If I understand right, the render scripts must be node related. But I dont understand the right syntax.
  10. Hi All! I writing a small snippet, which must create a directory for redner ouput path, if it isn`t exist. Also I have a script: import os import hou cnode = hou.pwd() str_nodePath = cnode.path() str_outputPath = hou.ch(str_nodePath+'/dopoutput') str_path = os.path.dirname(str_outputPath) print >> sys.stdout, str_path if not os.path.exists(str_path): os.makedirs(str_path) RThe script is saved on $HIP/scriptname.py path. I have 2 questions: 1. What i need to write in Pre-Render Script Parameter of the ROP? Something like: python $HIP/scriptname.py or? 2. How should I transfer the current ROP to the script?
  11. How to "convert" a Squishy object to RBD

    It doesn`t work, i tried it
  12. Hi ALL! I make a simulation, where some object must behave like a squishy object till first Impact, then must by converted to RBD object, but deformed from squishy. I tried to make a SwitchSolver, it doesn`t work. Which way must I take? Thank you in advance!
  13. Also, Ive tested my controller on Windows version. It works. But now the question is how I can get a channel data. If I move some of knobs on the controller I becoming a message in the console: MIDI Event: 0 : Control Change : channel 1 : 9 : 127 It shows that Houdini gets some MIDI events. I see in Motion Panel a lot of channels named with mask ch*cc7 and ch*n60 , and trying to export the channel. But I cannot get some motion. I changing the control number c01 on my controller. How must I setup the MIDI In, in order to fetch the channel from it?
  14. Hi All!!! I trying to setup the External MIDI controller ( Evolution UC-33e) to work with MIDI In CHOP, but it seem to be not working. I`m using Houdini 9.5.241 on Mac. I don`t see anything out of Midi File in source selection menu, however in Ableton and Modul8 this controller functions properly. What I need to change? Thanks in advance!