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  1. Hello, I'm exporting pcloud through Rop alembic and I'm trying to force the alembic export to create the indexed value for each individual strings. The current mechanism seems to be automatic when I got more than a certain amount of points. Lets say, 5 points with 5 differents value will not indexed the attribute, but 100 points with 5 differents value will indexed the string attribute. Here a snap of what it gives in katana after importing this 2 abc to give a better idea. Anyone knows how we could force the mechanism event with a small number of points?
  2. exporting rbd transforms from maya to houdini

    In h16 you can export alembic transform. If your pieces are pack and you use transform piece node you could use abc export transform instead of deform. It could be hard to understand at first. If you can manage to find abcview, it easier to understand what happen in your file after it saved.
  3. Try with solver in SOP. and in a point wrangle or a vop create an attribute and add @timeInc (which is the frame/FPS) when your point get the right color.
  4. Rigibody Sim: Rings on a curtain rod

    Hello, Using concave is not always the best solution. It is not really well handle by bullet in houdini. I would recommend 2 ways: Fracture each ring so all small pieces glue together will be convexe. The other solution is well explained here sphere packing for collision object. Good luck!
  5. Hey magneto, There is a string attribute called instancefile(I think point to files written on disk) or instancepath(point to geo node inside houdini) which can be set to the path of your geometry ie(instancefile): "/geo/myinstance.$F4.bgeo" and you could create an attribute for the time for each point start at there birth? ie /geo/myinstance.@time.bgeo. But I think it will be only visible at render time? It been a while since I've used instance sorry :).
  6. Hello, I'm currently searching a way to make pack and cloth interact together. I know it's not possible out of the box, but I'm trying to find a workaround to make this work. Any workflow or ideas. Until now, I I've created a pack object, import it back in sop, unpack and source it with deformed geo in my static object which give me one frame delay with the pack simulation, it is also really slow and there is no interaction done by the cloth on the pack object. What would be nice, is an implementation of the bullet cloth and rope in houdini bullet solver... I ask an RFE, but no development on this side. cheers
  7. volume gradient shop

    thanks John, Problem solved . I tried something similar, but I was still using it inside the displace shop node. resampling the density in a new position work as it work in SOP, logic. By the way, using this method will not divide the volume and add more detail at render time? Thanks again
  8. volume gradient shop

    Hey alex, Thanks for sharing , I also tried the pyro displace, here my scn file with the pyro displace and the volume vop displace using a gradient create with an SDF. Alex make me realize that maybe the problem come from the fill interior check box when I create the SDF volume_displace_SOP_vs_SHOP.hipnc.tar.gz
  9. volume gradient shop

    yep I will try, but my scn file is at work, i I will try to post it tomorrow, I hope it is possible to send file from our network Thanks guys!
  10. volume gradient shop

    Thanks fathom, I read your reply in this post. I tried it and it didn't works, probably my fault. to create my gradient in sop the volume needs to be an sdf and the density field is a fog volume, that why I though it wasn't working in shop...
  11. hello, I'm sure it have been talk several time, but I'm not able to find the thread where it is mention. I'm trying to displace volume at rendertime using a volume gradient already created in sop. I've create the setup in a volume Vop and it works, but I have some problem to get my volume gradient in shop. the SOP setup work like this, I add to P my gradient using a volume sample vector from file and plug this result in a volume sample to displace my density. Now in Shop, I get P with a global variable - transform P from camera to world and use the volumesample vector from file ( like in SOP), my volume is cached on disk, I add it to P not transform. And output this new P. It displace my volume, but not in the right direction Here is the vop net I'm trying to recreate in Shop. Someone can give me some hint how to get my gradient to work properly in Shop? Thanks
  12. you can use the source fluid and just keep the vel volume that it create and use it in your dop sim. In velocity volume, type the source attribute you want to source from, by default it's v.
  13. it working it was easier than I though I cannot upload screenshot, but here the recipe. float to vector which X is multiply by time = animated offset animated offset * custom vectorFlow per point, normalize this vector and multipy it by the length of the animated offset vector and add this to the P plug that into Pos of the noise et voila! Thanks
  14. Thanks edward I'll try that that, and I suppose your doing these transformation on the P that you plug in the turbulence, not the offset right?
  15. Hello, I want to translate a noise in vop with a custom coordinate system for each point. until now I have a 3x3 matrix per point or a direction vector, is it enough? If yes, How do I do this? any hints are welcome. Thanks