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  1. Hi, So I'm getting started with arnold through lops. The solaris workshop from sidefx is great but since we use arnold I'm missing a few pieces of the puzzle. 1. Aovs, is it correct that I need to create one rendervar node per AOV I want to export? I have tried both Raw type with "RGBA", "N" etc and LPEs: "C<RD>A" but don't get any output. 2. Is it correct that after the rendervars are defined we add a renderproduct node to reference all the rendervars, and give the image a name, is this where we add frame padding and fileformat, .exr? 3. Rendering with arnold standalone. After the "renderproduct" we add "rendersettings" and "usdrender_rop", none of those has any settings for exporting .ass files, do we render the final shot-usd file directly? And in that case what do we submit to deadline for example, a husk-job? If so what sort of licenses are used to pick up husk jobs? Any clarifications are greatly appreciated. Regards,
  2. Thanks to both of you! In this case the problem is only with the wire capture node and not setting the width of the poly wire. What I'm trying to do is rig a speed tree mesh for dynamics in houdini. So I've got curves from speed tree which has resonable width attributes already, and those curves play nicely with the wire solver. So the problem for me right now is to get that motion back to the mesh, the wirecapture/deform seemed like my best bet, but maybe not? Maybe lattice sop? or transfer attribs some how? Thanks for the example file Tom, it doesnt look like that approach will work for hundreds of branches, or am I missing something?
  3. Hi! I'm wondering how to control the width of the wire captures envelope, per point preferably. I've read the documentation but I don't really understand it: Does this mean that we cant use any type of attributes to drive the capture radius? I would have hoped it would be as easy as with the poly wire sop, where we just create a width attrib and point to that in the sop, but that does not seem to work for me. Regards, Martin
  4. I'm doing this multisolver setup with a pop solver emitting packed rbd objects. The problem is after the first collision the collision shape and the object aren't oriented in the same way anymore. I've got no errors as far as I can see. Is this setup wrong/bad? Regards, coins_rbd_pops_v001_fubar.hip
  5. IFD render no shader

    Hi, Small disclaimer: I'm not sure I'm doing this the correct way and I'm using Deadline. What I have to do when rendering edited/custom shaders I need to "save node type", and "match current definition" before I submit my ifds to rendering. Could anyone else confirm that's the correct workflow?
  6. Arnold Volume Displacement tutorial

    Thanks! I really appreciate it.
  7. Arnold Volume Displacement tutorial

    Hi! I found your tutorial while googling this topic. This technique would be really useful to me in an upcoming project. What I'm missing is the end of the tree where you connect the `dis` vector field back to the fog. Could you perhaps post your resulting hip so we could dissect it? Another question: I plan to render with MtoA. Is there anything I need to know when setting up the shader in Maya? Or will I use the same fields and corresponding nodes? Regards, Martin T