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  1. Hey everybody, I'm working on a crowd setup in which I have variations in clothing/accessories, but it's going totally random. Anndd I'm stumped. I have been provided an FBX file with a sitting animation clip. The human geometry and clothing geometry are bound/animated appropriately. I import the FBX and I'm pointing to that Character Rig as my agent. I then use a few for-each loops to create the tops, bottoms, hats, and shoes Agent Layers. I bake out the Agent Definition... In the Crowd Source node I've added the layers and I AM getting random clothing, but only ONE item of clothing... instead of a guy in shorts, with a t-shirt, and shoes... it's JUST shoes??? I have done similar crowd work with Golaem and I'm sort of applying their workflow here. I may be doing it entirely wrong. Any helpful tips to get me on track would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!