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  1. animation controlled by color

    great, thanks for clarifying all that.
  2. animation controlled by color

    matt- thanks! this is great and thanks for adding the notations too. This is laid out most clearly and my feeble brain can just about understand it I have a couple of questions about the wrangle inside the solver- firstly, does "@frame += 1" mean add 1? why is there an equals sign after the plus sign? secondly, the "if (@Cd.r >1)" why is this asking if red channel is greater than 1? The note says it tests if there is any color - wouldn't this mean testing if Cd.r >0? I am very new to the syntax in here so please be gentle if you have to explain foundational concepts even if it seems very simple . Thanks again, I really appreciate the guidance, from chris
  3. Hi, I want to control an animation range by a color attribute. I want to use attribute transfer of color (black is default, red is the color transferred) so that when the points are black the animation is at frame 1, and when the points get to red the animation is at its endframe. I have tried some tutorials and got some copy stamped animation on some spheres (see attached file). As the point colors change to red it triggers the animation BUT this will only play through once and never get triggered again, even if the point color returns to red again. I cant figure out how to do this - and I would love the help of some more experienced folk please. thanks from chris sphere_anim_triggered_by_color.hipnc
  4. Hello, I am doing the glue adjacent glue network thing and I have been happily using Attr Transfer and delete $CR to eat away at my glue network. Now, I want to delve a bit deeper and pre-paint some glue strength and propagation rate. How do these things work? and How should I go about this? - advices please! Do I do this on the glue network object? (the glue is set to "overwrite with sop" )
  5. delete cluster data on impact- how?

    Hello again, what is the best way to do this - big chunks of prefractured geo (made up of many small clustered pieces) falls away from other big chunks of prefractured geo and on collision with the ground plane deletes all the cluster data and therefore falls apart even more. I would ideally like to have a time delay option too - like impact with ground then wait 20 frames then delete clusters.
  6. Once color is changed to white, stay white forever

    yep, that did it. thanks. I admit I was avoiding the SOLVER a little......it looked scary
  7. Hi, I have a VOPSOP propagating white color across some points. All the points start off as black. I want some logic to say once you change to white you never change back again.....because the white color is driving the ACTIVEVALUE in the autodopnetwork.....and my objects are becoming alive and the dying/freezing again..... Can someone help me do this please? and please be specific, I haven't been using Houdini for that long. thanks
  8. zombie glue network! (i thought it was dead....)

    ok. thanks for the reply but I have zero experience with doing that inside a Solver SOP. can you point me to an example or explain in some detail - please?
  9. Help! I have followed some great advice from the bullet masterclass about how to create glue networks.....but they are cheating! An Attribute transfer colors the glue network and deletes it if it isn't black. However, if the falling piece falls out of the attribute transfer radius then the glue comes back to life and gets stuck. Can someone help me figure out how to tell it to die and stay dead? I think I should be able to tell it that if the color changes from black to something else then never again compute this piece of the network.....but I dont know exactly how - help would be greatly appreciated please.