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  1. how to randomize peak node ?

    Cool. My code was only a replacement for the first line of your code. So the full code should look like this: v@myvec = @N*rand(@ptnum); @P=@P + @myvec * ch("my"); -b
  2. how to randomize peak node ?

    You might want to replace your first line with: v@myvec = @N*rand(@ptnum); -b
  3. Rendering different groups as passes?

    You need to give the attribute a value. In your file its is set to zero.
  4. Rendering different groups as passes?

    Hi You might need to convert your groups into regular attributes. Check out the attached file to see how attributes on an object travel through a bind and bind export in the shader and is picked up in the aov section on the mantra node. I tried with groups but i couldnt figure out how to bind it through the shader. -b aov.hiplc
  5. For loop expression

    You could do it like this: f@number = 100; for(int i = 1 ; i < 10; i++){ f@number /= 2; printf('N divided by 2 is %g \n', @number); } -b
  6. Hey Thats awesome @cwhite Thanks. -b
  7. If you set the scatter to 30000 points for example, the wrangle is twice as fast as the for each node version. -b EDIT: This was when testing the example-fix.hip
  8. If you could set an attribute up stream to identify what parts of your geo you want to operate on, you might not need to use a for each. -b
  9. Why do you need to use a for each for this?
  10. If the geo is saved to disk you shouldn't have to recook. -b
  11. Sweep: transform cross sections by attribute

    Maybe use Copy To Points to copy different crosssections to your backbone first and use Skin to sweep those afterwards.
  12. Sweep: transform cross sections by attribute

    Turn off using Transform Using Attributes. Sweep will then transform the cross section using pscale, scale, N etc
  13. If you Pack the group you should get a single point in the center. Then Add SOP set to 'Delete but keep points':
  14. rotate agent clip direction (crowd)

    Try to rotate the grid you have connected to the Crowd source instead. -b
  15. Increase the Capture length to ca 5.13 and set Bend to 180. Then duplicate the Bend SOP and set its Capture direction to 0,0,-1 -b