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  1. Material Assignment best practices

    It sounds like style sheets is the way to go here. Check out the master class: -b
  2. Hi You dont need to use a for each loop for this. If i understand you correctly If you set an id on each initial polygon before you subdivide, you can use Primitive Split SOP to separate the islands in the bottom of the stream. -b Sphere_displace_part-2.hipnc
  3. how to add a point between 2 points in vex

    First find the vector from point one to point two and then divide by two: newpointpos = ( vector two - vector one ) * 0.5 So with two add nodes and a wrangle it would look something like this: Regards Bonsak
  4. Simply Extract a given Subnet content

    Take a look at the script for the Extract tool on the "Modify" tab. -b
  5. MicroSolvers

    Funny. I was walking the dog this morning and thinking that i would love to learn more about micro solvers. And the Matt Estela posted this on twitter today. And then i found this thread
  6. Effect Versioning

    Or write the hipname directly into the cache as a detail attribute:
  7. Effect Versioning

    Hi You might want to use one separate file cache for each 'asset' with its own version slider that is used in the file path. -b versioning.hiplc
  8. vdb from camera to polygons

    Remember to set Position Tab -> Size on your VDB Activate node to a value bigger than 0,0,0. Try 200,200,200 for example. -b
  9. The Trace SOP should be able to do this. -b trace.hiplc
  10. simple if statement not working

    Not sure what you need the Timeshift node for, but if you dont reference it and instead type 21 in the FrameNumber parm on the wrangle, then all you have to do is reverse the comparison for it to work: if(@Frame>chi("FrameNumber")){ removepoint(0,@ptnum); } -b
  11. Use hscript to set linux variable

    Whats the output if you run echo $JOB in the Textport? In the hscript docs theres a setenv and a set function http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/commands/setenv.html Have you tried that?
  12. Points From Volume SOP will fill the volume in a grid or tetrahedral configuration. Not sure if that is what you are looking for. -b
  13. Could you reverse your sim and write the IDs from the last frame all the way through to the first frame. Save that to disk and reverse it again when you read it back in. That should give you consistent IDs. -b
  14. "we, houdini users are not exactly designers" You know that is not the case. Plenty of designers use Houdini. And please dont include me in your argumentation. How dare you speak on behalf of all Houdini users. That is not cool. You might not be a designer but i am and so are many Houdini users i know. -b
  15. Toggle Network View Dependency Links

    tabs = hou.ui.paneTabs() # Get all the tabs for tab in tabs: # Loop over them if tab.type() == hou.paneTabType.NetworkEditor: # Test the type tab.setPref('showdep','2') # Set