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  1. CG Workshop - Intro To Houdini 14

    Hi Spencer. I have a bit question. You mentioned the content would be similar to your previous course, are you planning to redo all the contents, or just adding some updated lessons?
  2. Student Demo Reel

    Pretty good stuff. A few suggestion - Use Vimeo, it's much easier to scrub back and forth than youtube. - Use white text at the beginning and get rid of the red. Your red on black is a bit hard to read and doesn't look nice. - Get rid of the dark transition. They are obscuring the beginning and the end of your shots which we would love to see clearer. Use straight cut instead. - Include the information about each shot right underneath them. As state above Vimeo allows user much easier time scrubbing the video back and forth. Viewer will be able to drag timeline to see your effects with ease, which makes the dark transition really obscuring. It's also much easier to have all the information available right there without having to go to the end. Here's a good example -
  3. Oh... in that case I can only play with it at work then
  4. Sorry for a bit off topic. Does HtoA allows us to use it without license but with watermark like in other applications? I really want to play with it.
  5. H13 Splash Screen Contest

    October? That soon??
  6. Really? Mantra gives you unlimited render node? How does that work? Can I install only Mantra on render nodes? Or do I simply install Houdini without license? Thanks for the answer everyone. Very interesting... My main interest is not FX - I'm a lighting/rendering guy with a technical mind set. Just how likely I would be able to find a job in that position as Houdini artist? I still have lots to learn but I really want to know that my effort wouldn't be for nothing. Thanks!
  7. Houdini seems to be regarded as the king of visual effects by pretty much every effect artists I talked to (even though most of them use realflow and rayfire) and in my humble understanding, it means particles, destruction, dust, fire, water, simulations and something like that. Now, in Film or Animation industry, is Houdini used for anything else? Sorry if my question sounds a bit silly I'm a bit lost at the moment.
  8. I keep getting this error on windows. The otls was already copied over.
  9. Sea Simulation

    Hi. Thanks for sharing. I seem to be missing an ocean_eval() function. Is it this one? How do I install it? http://code.google.com/p/houdini-ocean-toolkit/source/browse/src/shadeop/ocean_eval.sl?r=4f79218ef3e1477cbadbe98fc77a2ada5fac6476
  10. How do I adjust the range of sliders? For example the copy amount which defaults to 0-20. If I want the slider to go all the way to 100, can I do that?
  11. Ah that's quite a surprised @Graham - sounds a bit advance... I'm sure I'll be able to do that someday! Thanks guys.
  12. Thanks Graham! I have another question. When I copy parameter and do a Paste Copied Reference, is there a way to paste without replacing what's already there? For example I have ch("/obj/stair/copy1/ncy") And I want to add ty ch("/obj/stair/copy1/ncy") * ch("/obj/stair/copy1/ty") But when I paste ty, it replaces the whole thing.
  13. Hi. A total new Houdini user here I'm following some tutorial on Youtube and it's showing how to use $F in channel box. In the video, the value got updated in real time as the user scroll the time line (or click play button). However in my Houdini the value only updates when I release my mouse to after I click the stop button. How can I make it update in real time?