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  1. Sidefx labs maps baker is what I usually use. There is also the labs simple baker which will work fine for masks like this as well.
  2. I'm a dingus. Somehow sparse solving got turned off.
  3. Sorry for the long post, but I've run into an issue that is driving me crazy and I can't seem to figure it out. I have a pretty simple pyro sim with some Disturbance and Turbulence using Pressure as a control field. I ran the sim Tuesday night, and in the morning I realized I went a bit too far in both. Fast forward to today, when I had some time to re-run the sim. I opened the original file, adjusted both the Disturbance and Turbulence down a bit and rendered out my file cache. I immediately noticed that my files were more than 2x the size. Same voxel size, same channels etc. Upon viewing the velocity channels in the volume visualizer, I can see that the new sim has velocity in all the voxels, where my original sim has it only near the actual smoke and all the values are zero outside this area. Now where it gets stranger is that I re-opened the original file that I used to cache out the original sim and re-cached a few frames and it now looks like the new sim... I'm usually all for chalking this kinda stuff up to human error, but I'm 100% sure it's the original settings and file and everything. Is there anything that anyone can think of that would cause this? I really would like the original velocity behavior back since it has much smaller files, uses less memory etc. it's killing me here. I've attached a pic of the old vs new sim with the same settings, and a later frame where you can really see how it looked on the first run.
  4. I'm running into this same error but only when I try to use pressure as a control field for disturbance/turbulence in the pyro SOP solver. Disabling openCL solves the problem, but my sim is quite a bit slower. Has anyone run into this error recently? Edit: I dove into the pyro SOP solver and disabled openCL only on the gas disturb and gas turbulence nodes, leaving the rest enabled and it works fine now since openCL is enabled for everything else.
  5. I'm working with RBDs and I want to apply a popdrag only to my fractures from the rbdmaterialfracture node that are in the concrete_chips group. These groups don't seem to come in by themselves, and after a bit of trying things, I found the POP group node... The way I'm doing it now is: I created a point attribute called concrete_chip that is only 1 if it's in the concrete_chips group from the rbdmaterialfracture node. Then in the dopnet, I am using a POP group with group name to "concrete_chip" and have if(@concrete_chip == 1){ ingroup = 1; } Is this the most efficient way of accessing groups in a dopnet. Seems a bit roundabout, but it works.
  6. I think that maybe the pieces are getting stuck under/around others that aren't active on the same frame, so the impulse velocity is being robbed by the collisions.
  7. I'm working on a ground explosion scene where the RBD objects become active starting in the center of the source geo moving outwards and need to have some random velocity upwards. I'm transferring the active and animated attribute to the proxy geo points and the points have V set. It looks like the velocity transfer on the first active frame is being greatly reduced on most of my pieces. They all should be moving upwards with similar V. I've compared my setup with a few that I found here and I can't seem to see much of a difference, but I suspect it's coming from the translation to the newer RBD fracture workflow. I have a simple representation the scene attached. explosion_test_2.hip
  8. I've got an embedded HDA where I'm trying to access the rotation values of an object outside the HDA. I have a string parameter for my object /obj/shot_6/sunlight on the HDA. If I use vrorigin("","/obj/shot_6/sunlight/")[0] as a test, it returns the x rotation value as expected. I can't figure out how to incorporate my HDA string chs("../../sunlight") into the expression so it evaluates correctly. I've tried things like vrorigin("","`chs("../../sunlight")`")[0] which actually resolves to vrorigin("","/obj/shot_6/sunlight")[0] when I middle click it, but that itself doesn't evaluate to the value. I thought maybe adding an eval() to it would work, but no dice. Hope this makes sense. Edit: I was able to work around it in vex with: matrix m = optransform(chs("../../sunlight")); matrix3 m_rot = matrix3(m); v@N *= m_rot; But it would still be nice to know how to work it in expressions.
  9. I'm sure there is a simple answer for this, but it's got me scratching my head... I'm trying to use the @hittime attribute in order to do some stuff with my @pscale, but it never stops growing even after the particles are stopped by the pop collision detect behavior. The @hittotal attribute does the same thing, like they are all vibrating on the surface or something even though they are not moving. I've attached a simple scene. pop_hittime_1.hip
  10. I'm still not able to remove the bounding box in 18.5.408. It goes away in the AutoDopNetwork when I uncheck the bounding box in the smoke object, but as soon as any field gets brought in with a dop i/o the bounding boxes are back. No way to remove them that I can find.
  11. I know this is an old thread, but this little tidbit right here helped me solve the issue I was up until 3am trying to fix. I would have never thought to reverse the usual Prev_Frame setup...Thank you.
  12. @Librarian Holy crap I got it working!. Thank you for your time in responding to me, while it didn't solve my issue exactly, I did one more search and found a 10 year old Peter Quint video that shows how to use Point Clouds in a loop in VOPS. I would have never figured it out, wow. What a bunch of Houdini mumbo jumbo to get it working, haha. If you're interested the video is "Point Clouds II" It won't let me link it for some reason. mantra_pc_lookup_3.hip
  13. Thanks for the link, unfortunately that setup seems to have the same effect as I have now of all the points being rendered together and they don't overlap.
  14. I'm trying to create rings in mantra that are larger where my scattered points are brighter. I've got a setup that works for that, but what I'm looking for iis for the rings on top of each other and overlap one another. I figure I need to loop over my point cloud one point at a time and then multiply the result on top of each other maybe. I can't seem to figure out how to get a loop that does what I want. I tried to follow the documentation for the point cloud nodes, and it even mentions that a few of them are useful in a loop situation but it's just not working correctly. Is what I'm trying to do even possible. I don't have a lot of experience with mantra. mantra_pc_lookup.hip
  15. I'm really struggling with this same exact thing as the OP, could you possibly share your workflow for some of the images you posted?
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