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  1. If you just want to group your geo according to the string coming in from Unreal you could just put down an attribute wrangle set to run over prims and run this code : setprimgroup(0, s@unreal_input_mesh_name, @primnum, 1, "set");
  2. Digital Asset Creation

    Difficult to say from just those screengrabs. Is the Geometry node renamed to pro_House? Are you able to post a scene file with the unlocked asset in it?
  3. Thanks Nicolai - I will see if I can wrap my head around what's going on in your file. I've never been too good at matrix maths but learning gradually! The bug is fixed in 18.5.523 daily build too btw.
  4. Yes I've submitted a bug report. If you do do a vex version I'd be very interested to see that..
  5. Ah ok, interesting, it doesn't work in 18.5.499. It's doing the same thing as in my scene, I guess it must be a bug in that case. Thanks very much in any case!
  6. Attached is a quick example of applying a bend procedurally after the sim. Hope it's useful.. philodendron_model_03_for_forum_eidt.hiplc
  7. Hi Tesan. Thanks for the pointer, I'll drop him a note.
  8. I'm following this great youTube from Christopher Rutledge and having a problem with the skeleton mirror SOP. If I leave the group field set to * it mirrors the whole skeleton, which gives me duplicated joints - but if I group some points and use that group name it errors out. In fact as soon as the input has a point group at all it throws an error - even if I leave the group field set to *. The node interface appears to be different in my build [18.5.499] so I wonder if it's currently broken... I tried the same thing with a Mixamo skeleton in case there's something wrong with my skeleton, and I've tried group joints SOP, group SOP etc etc input but the behaviour is the same.. Thanks for reading
  9. RigVop vs RigPose why not doing the same

    I'm only just learning Kinefx so I can't explain much in the way of details but you need to get and set the foot_l local transform in the Rig VOP for it to behave the same as the Rig Pose. Attached is an amended scene file. You'll have to relink the Erik rig, the frozen output I think only applies to the first output so there was no skeleton so I relinked it on my end. RigVop_and_rigpose_whydifferent_results_v001_edit.hiplc
  10. How to reference spare input inside VOP

    Ah great, thanks Dennis. I started making a parameter VOP to do that and then thought that couldn't be it! I'll give it a go. Thanks for your input also Tesan.
  11. Hi I want to read a spare input inside a Volume VOP inside of a compiled block. I know how to use them with wrangles by just reading input -1 but of course there's no OpInput-1 inside of a VOP... I only want to use a VOP for ease of setting up noise - and for now I'll use a simple noise in a wrangle but presumably you can get at -1, -2 etc in VOPs too. Thanks for reading
  12. I'm trying to use the point replicate VOP in /mat but with no luck, I keep getting 'couldn't load VEX code'. It works fine in SHOPs and I can stick with that but should it not work in /mat too?
  13. Wirecolor in sceneviewport

    It's at object level, under misc
  14. uv coordinate

    Not a very flexible method but if you write your UV to vertices instead of points, you can dispense with the edge cusp and and just subdivide the UV'ed model Q1_edit.hipnc
  15. in a wrangle: int pos[] = find(s@path, "/"); i@num = len(pos);