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  1. Hi Tomas and Christian Thanks for clearing this up - the display is correct in OGL 2.1 [my card doesn't support 3.2], and it does also display correctly with the convert SOP. I've been going through the files you uploaded Christian, they are beginning to demystify volumes for me so I am very grateful to you for that.
  2. Hi Christian - or anyone else who might be able to answer a question for me... I'm looking at the file volumesForMagneto.hip [here] and trying to unpick what's going on and I'm baffled as to why when the sphere is converted to a fog volume it's size is the same as the input geo but when converting to an SDF it's much bigger, even though the offset is 0. I'll try and understand the rest of the file but if anyone can shed some light on this I'd be very grateful Thanks
  3. Hi I wonder if someone can explain something to me. I'm doing a CMIVFX tutorial driving particles with an audio file. I have a CHOP network and at the end of it I have multiple channels, named music0, music1 etc. Then in SOPs I'm using a chopf expression but in the turorial he references 'music', not music0 or music1, like this - chopf("../audioCHOPS/OUTchops/music",$FF) Is music an average value or does it just use the first channel it gets to of that prefix [ie music0]? Thanks in advance
  4. I see. Thanks for the explanation.
  5. Hi Sorry to cross post - I've posted on Sidefx forum too; not sure if people frequent both. Apologies if it's annoying... I am pretty new to all things Houdini, I'm running the Apprentice HD edition and I'm trying to submit an HQueue render to the cloud. I've got a mantra ROP set up and an HQueue one pointing to it, but when I click render, after the file dependencies check I get this : WindowsError: [Error 32] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process I've tried restarting [both Houdini and my machine] and having read online somewhere someone suggesting that it could be virus software I disabled that [AVG] and tried again but always the same error. Does anyone have any ideas how to get round it? Thanks very much in advance.
  6. Hi I'm a Houdini beginner so apologies if I am wrong... It looks to me though like you're setting the particle's velocity to be the same as its position so on frame 1, y position is 0.1 and velocity is 0.1 so by frame 2 it has moved to 0.104167 in y and its velocity is set to the same value. This setup will cause the particle to accelerate upwards. Hope that helps
  7. Hello I'm pretty new to Houdini so apologies if this is a really dumb question... I'm trying to read in a series of 3D scans in ply format exported from another soft. They're named: 0_Frame 0.ply 1_Frame 1.ply etc... When I put "$F_Frame $F.ply" [without the inverted commas] in the filename field of a File SOP the string appears to evaluate to " 1.ply" [ie with a space before the frame number]. If I instead put "$F Frame $F.ply" it evaluates to "1 Frame 1.ply". Can someone tell me what I need to put in here or if I should just batch rename all the files? Thanks very much in advance
  8. $F_Frame in filename string

    Ah yes, that works now. Thanks everyone for the input, Much appreciated.
  9. $F_Frame in filename string

    Ah, I've never seen that menu item, looks very interesting. Thanks very much!
  10. $F_Frame in filename string

    I've figured out a way of doing this but it doesn't seem a very elegant method. This is what I now have in my filename field: `strcat("G:/dumbThings/Minotaur/scansExport/front and right/",strcat($F,strcat("_Frame ",strcat($F,".ply"))))` I'll stick with this for now and write out more sensibly named geo sequences but I'd be very interested in a cleaner solution should anyone have one...
  11. $F_Frame in filename string

    Hi Thanks very much for that. Yes, I've no idea who thought that putting a space in would be a good idea but yes it's windows. The other software is Artec Studio which is a 3D scanning application [works with Artec hardware] I tried the curly braces and it's evaluating the frame numbers now but it keeps in the braces so now it's evaluating as {1}_Frame {1}.ply and consequently still doesn't work. Is there some way I can add this to a null for example as a string variable, evaluate it there then reference it with chs() maybe? Thanks again for your time
  12. In case anyone else comes across this problem, I managed to fix it by turning off point instancing in the display options : in the Geometry tab, under Tessellation