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  1. Freelance Houdini artist needed for sand storm FX (Remote)

    The current spot has already been filled, but we may still need FX artists for other upcoming FX shots. Our progress is more of fixed rate per FX. Thank you all for your interest and helps. Amin
  2. Freelance Houdini artist needed for sand storm FX (Remote)

    Please send them to vfx@spacecommandstudios.com
  3. Hi everyone, We're looking for a Houdini artist with expertise in creating a sand storm as quickly as possible for a Sci-Fi series call Space Command. This is a remote work, which means we do need to get in touch with you and speak via Skype. Please send your reel and your resume as well as a way for us to contact you. We are located in Los Angeles. We have access to render farm Let me know if you have any questions Thank you Amin Eftekhar VFX Supervisor - SPACE COMMAND http://spacecommandmovie.com/
  4. Visual X Room gathering group in Los Angeles

    Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestion, and/or recommendation. We'd like to hear your opinion. Our Facebook group page to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1139505322756433/
  5. Hey Everybody! I'm a VFX/CG professional with years working in film and game industries and also the founder of Visual X Room Group In the Stone Ages, we formed groups to hunt and survive in the wilderness. In the Middle Ages, our communities grew into powerful civilizations and religions. In the Industrial Age we build companies and more powerful individuals on the backs of groups.. I'd like to introduce the Visual X Group of Los Angeles! We are simple people who works in CG/VFX, Game, VR, Animation, and Web Design industries to get to know each other and come together to benefit from this group. We do have meet-up/gathering every Saturday night to join, share, network, and even help one another. That can vary from seeking roommate, needing assistance for a project, looking to get on a project, find a Tennis buddy, just simply join and get to know some of our members from other companies, and etc. Once you have attended our group meet-ups we will include you into our group page where you will be part of our community. NOTE: It's absolutely FREE to join our group. Feel free to bring anyone with you too. In order to join our group, you must be located in Los Angeles. In order to join our community You must at least attended our group meet-up once. What do you think of this group? If you have any questions and/or suggestions please share with us. We love to hear more from you to make this a better and funner community! Thanks!
  6. Flip Fluid center point collision

    [Delete] Frame > 5 == (Vel == 0) That still didn't work, and neither Vel == 0 It removed both emitter particles and flip tank. Forgive a bit of lack of knowledge, just refreshing my memory on these stuff and VDB meshing is awesome!
  7. Flip Fluid center point collision

    These are awesome! And for the droplet effect that's exactly what we want, except without the pool, only the splash. How would you delete static points?
  8. Flip Fluid center point collision

    Yes, sure! Wow, that's awesome! Would you also tell me how I can make the simulation faster and mesh it smoothly? I remember we used to mesh particles with Particle Fluid Surface, I noticed there is a new method now. Also I'm using Houdini 13 at the moment. I'd very much appreciate it with you walk me through on what has changed to achieve it or simply guide me. Thanks a lot! dropSplash.hip
  9. Flip Fluid center point collision

    Sure. Simply drop a fluid box, sphere or whatever you'd prefer yourself in the center of a fluid container. This drop collides with the floor (impact) and once so the fluid shifts away from the center of container to the corners/sides of the container and basically crawl up the walls or so. Due to the gravity in scene, the fluid slide down the walls and goes back to the impact origin. When it does we want to make the fluid collide with itself and create a big splash right in the center. It's actually a very simple drop fluid in container method, like old days. Nothing complicated at all. I just haven't used Houdini and Realflow for few years now. I see several new things here too, so quickly learning this and achieve it asap and pass it along.
  10. Flip Fluid center point collision

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to achieve a fluid effect to simply drop a melted cube inside a container and it splashes, hit the walls and wave back to the center of container, when the fluid gathers back to center it creates second splash by colliding to itself. I couldn't find any videos regarding this matter but the closes I could find is this: However, keep in mind the container is empty, I'm not referring to surface tension collision but simply fluid gather back to center and collide. I have to get this done ASAP. Anyone knows anyway of faking it too? Maybe create a secondary emitter that just simply pops up like a foundation and gives the effect we're looking for. Thanks a lot!
  11. Light powder dust impact, particles.

    Yes! This was done in Softimage and I was curious to pull this off in Houdini. I've tried with Houdini pyro and advecting particles but didn't get the nice fall down. I give it a shot with new dop-pop system, I'm sure it'll be a lot faster to achieve. Thank you very for the awesome link! I was looking for that
  12. Light powder dust impact, particles.

    Would anyone have any suggestions how to approach this effect in Houdini? (As the image below shows) I've already tried with simple point particles and fluid sim to advect particles along but unfortunately I get stepping arteffects problem from trail point particles. I'm not very familiar with new dop-pop particle system and open to any suggestions. Thank you in advance.
  13. Pyro Rendering

    Unfortunately, I do not have the same file anymore, sorry. I started over my file awhile back with new pyro sim and saved it over the same file I had. However, I found this almost relative thread to the same problem I had before if you're interested (http://forums.odforce.net/topic/19448-transparency-trouble/?hl=%2Btransparent+%2Bpyro). Thanks again. Cheers.
  14. Pyro Rendering

    Thank you! Yes, it did look blown out in viewport as well, but I've realized what the issue was yesterday, which was just my own forgetfulness to check the pyro in viewport, I just simulated and straight went for shading. However, now my pyro looks rather transparent. It has hard edges but inside of pyro is 80% transparent. Would anyone by any chance know what causes that? I've checked the dissipation several times but it's not the dissipation causing it.
  15. Pyro Rendering

    Hello! I've recently started playing around with pyro shader again. I just simulated my pyro fx and the result of the shape I was looking for is accurate, though I had to increase the Fluid Source's Temperature and Fuel to approach the shape I needed. That being said, now I'm wondering if I'd be able to get a complete oil burn smoke fx from Pyro shader aka fire_ball. All I'm getting is a blown out render, could this be done in shader or do I have to do something else about it? Thank you for your response(s) in advance.