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  1. Houdini Pyro Collision

    i am trying
  2. Houdini Pyro Collision

    Can you file to me?
  3. recording start frame

    make it;particle_brith_frame.hip
  4. Source RBD objects

    out.ogv rbd_source.hip
  5. pop trail by id

  6. particles creating objects

    you backward video with quicktime, understand it.
  7. hello, everyone!

    I want to getting  frame with vex.

    example ,I have smoe points,it will random add in group1,I think get frame of add in group1.

    How do it?

    1. edward


      Post to the forum, not to your status

  8. Sticky FLIP on moving Object

    Do you try attribute transfer velocity for particles?
  9. H13 dop particles

    hello everyone How to use the property sop point, the control of dop particle emission rate? particle.hipnc
  10. ocean render problem

  11. ocean render problem

  12. Fish animation

    I want to be a cluster of animation, in Houdini fish model and particle motion direction is not consistent, is a good solution, what? Shoal of fish.hip model fish.rar
  13. Fish animation

    thank you ,i forget it
  14. Cloth Pieces Activation.

    in your file i do not find your camera .
  15. Cloth Pieces Activation.

    Why don't you use the cloth solution?
  16. In VOP how to set up the normal vertical point of the 45 degree angle, normal.hip
  17. initial velocity at the beginning.

    Excuse me broken how objects in the DOP initial velocity at the beginning. https://vimeo.com/76561873
  18. Excuse me broken how objects in the DOP initial velocity at the beginning.