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  1. A couple of version about the whitewater in H PART A: cached out the whitewater, I have the 3 group foam spray and bubbles, to see in viewport the result as in the dop lvl I'm running this wrangler if (inpointgroup(0,'foam', @ptnum) == 1) { @Cd = {0,0,.5}; } if (inpointgroup(0,'bubbles', @ptnum) == 1) { @Cd = {.5,0,0}; } if (inpointgroup(0,'spray', @ptnum) == 1) { @Cd = {0,.5,0}; } folloved by a vop with lenght and fit to manage the luminance based on velocity, question 1) there are a faster way human friendly to have this result? 2) vex doesn't have elif statemnt? PART B: whitwater solver is an asset using pop Solver, anyone tried to switch it in Flip? just to have more kernel structure of the 'fluid'. - other sw are using flip also for whitewater . thanks S.